Another Homophobic Nation in Homophobic Africa, Namibia, Rules Against Gay Marriage, Ryan Field Books

 Another Homophobic Nation in Homophobic Africa, Namibia, Rules Against Gay Marriage

It’s no secret that LGBTQ people have a rough time living in backward godawful places like Namibia…or other parts of Africa. I once read somewhere that all this homophobia is spread by Christians from the US who are there on missions in Africa to convert people. It was a long time ago and I’m not sure that’s true. But I do know that LGBTQ people in these countries are treated as if they are second-class citizens. 

In this particular case, the judge actually agreed with the gay couple about marriage, but she couldn’t do anything because Namibia has a “prohibition” on same-sex relations. As I said, these places are very backward and inhibited. 

“The current legal position has turned me, and many others in my position, into second-class citizens, forced to choose between our country and our family,” he said in a statement.

Here’s more. It goes into much more detail about how all this affected two same-sex couples. Both couples were already married in other places but they moved to Namibia where their marriages aren’t recognized. 

The trouble is that when you’re gay you really ARE a second-class citizen wherever you go…unless of course, it’s a gay mecca. It even happens in the US, but it’s just more passive-aggressive. The entire world is so steeped in straight privilege it might take centuries for us to gain full equality. 

 The Wizard of Pride

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The Straight Pride Parade
The Straight Pride Parade

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