Four Well Known Hollywood Actors Who Lived Their Lives In the Closet, Ryan Field Books

 Four Well Known Hollywood Actors Who Lived Their Lives In the Closet

Here’s something you won’t find in a male-male romance written by a straight author. And here’s why you won’t find it. Because the straights don’t know about it. They think that all gay men in the closet are living these horrid tortured lives. And in some ways we are, but that’s not totally accurate. I always took comfort in the fact that I would always have my gay culture around me. I knew it would always be there. And that had nothing to do with whether I was in the closet or out. 

The truth is that there’s a certain amount of enjoyment in living a secret life. I can’t speak for all gay men, but I can speak for many that I’ve known…including me. We were all straight at one time, pretending not to be gay. And when you’re in the proverbial closet, the thrill, the suspense, and the danger are often addictive. It’s like cruising for gay sex in public places…it’s the thrill. It does get tired after a while for most of us, and we do eventually come out, but not for all of us. And I often think that’s another reason why some gay men never come out. I know there are other reasons for not coming out, but I do know some gay men who don’t think they need to come out…ever. 

With that said, as complicated as it sounds, here’s a piece that’s about 4 well-known Hollywood actors who lived their lives in the closet. At least in public. Many times these closeted actors were out in their own circles and the media protected them. It’s still happening today in Hollywood. 

Van Johnson was gay. He married Eve Abbott Wynn on January 25, 1947, one day after her divorce from actor Keenan Wynn. The three had been very close friends. In 1948, the couple had a daughter named Schuyler, but lacage Van maintained a close relationship with Keenan Wynn. Van and Eve separated in 1961, and divorced in 1968. Eve Johnson said that their marriage had been engineered by Louis B. Mayer at MGM.

Here’s the rest. There are 3 more you can read about. And trust me, there were a lot more closeted actors in Hollywood besides these 4, and in many cases, they weren’t living horrible tortured lives. They did what they had to do. 

 The Wizard of Pride

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The Straight Pride Parade

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