The Hypocrite Patton Oswalt Faces Criticism for His alliance with Dave Chappelle, Ryan Field Books

The Hypocrite Patton Oswalt Faces Criticism for His alliance with Dave Chappelle

I feel passionate about all LGBTQ issues all over the world. And when someone like Dave Chappelle goes after transgender people, I’m siding with transgender people. With me, there’s no question about it. What’s really interesting is the way straight people will defend their straight privilege. Even those who call themselves allies. They will be the first to put you in your place and tell you that you are wrong for being insulted by Patton Oswalt. It’s a mindset. You can be supported by these straight allies, but you can’t tell them what’s right for LGBTQ people. They will tell you. And most don’t even realize they are doing it. 

Recently, nasty Patton Oswalt aligned himself with Chappelle and now he’s making statements about it. He actually performed with Chappelle on New Year’s Eve. It’s so typical of straight white privilege it’s almost sickening. This is also the difference between being LGBTQ and straight. This is about privilege. I’m gay and if I had an old friend who made anti-transgender comments, I would not bother with that old friend again. I would be done. I know what it’s like to be gay and to have that done to me. 

“I support trans peoples’ rights — ANYONE’S rights — to live safely in the world as their fullest selves. For all the things he’s helped ME evolve on, I’ll always disagree with where he stands NOW on transgender issues. But I also don’t believe a seeker like him is done evolving, learning. You know someone that long, see the struggles and changes, it’s impossible to cut them off. Impossible not to be hopeful and open and cheer them on.” 

Here’s more. If Oswalt really supported trans people he wouldn’t have performed with Chappelle in the first place. And I don’t want to hear about how people are “evolving.” I don’t even have patience for the word “evolve” anymore. That really does make me sick. “He’s evolving” is just a stupid thing to say. 

Once again, if Oswalt were gay it would not be impossible to cut Chappelle off. 

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