Hyderabad Gay Couple Get Married for Happiness, Ryan Field Books

Hyderabad Gay Couple Get Married for Happiness in a “Promising Ceremony” 

For gay people, this is nothing new. I’ve gone to more commitment ceremonies and gay weddings before same-sex marriage was actually legal than I can count. There is an entire generation of us who do NOT even count our anniversary as the day we got legally married. In other words, I’m with Tony for almost 29 years and we’re legally married since 2014. Guess how we celebrate our anniversary? On the day we met, 29 years ago. Some gay couples celebrate on the day they moved in together, or the first time they had sex. So really this is nothing new for gay people. I’m sure it’s not new for gay people in India either. But the straight people seem to find it newsworthy. And I’m glad this couple is happy and doing what they want in spite of the fact that same-sex marriage isn’t legal in India.

This gay couple is calling their marriage a “Promising Ceremony.” 

According to Times of India, Supriyo Chakraborty and Abhay Dange exchanged vows and rings in a “promising ceremony” on December 18. The ceremony, held on the outskirts of Hyderabad, consisted of a mix of both Punjabi and Bengali traditions. Prior to the wedding, they also had a mehendi and haldi ceremony and a sangeet function.

Here’s more. The article mentions how India decriminalized “homosexuality” in 2018. As if that’s some kind of bonus prize. 

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