Straight White Privileged JK Rowling Attacks Transgender Women Again with Her Vicious Mouth, Ryan Field Books

Straight White Privileged JK Rowling Attacks Transgender Women Again with Her Vicious Mouth

I can’t even tell you how many vituperative exchanges I’ve had on Twitter this week thanks to that foul-mouthed vicious JK Rowling.  She went after Trans women again with a really nasty Tweet and set off a huge shitstorm. Of course, I support all trans people and I couldn’t just sit back quietly while all those transphobic supporters of Rowling came out of the crack. Most of them don’t even have real names or identities on Twitter and I do, so I hope that gives me more credibility. And I always keep it civil. Sometimes a little too brutally honest, but always civil. 

The policy was reported Sunday, and the Scottish government is considering various pieces of transgender-inclusive legislation, such as ending medical testing for those who want to change their gender marker on legal documents.

Here’s more. And you should see the mean, nasty Tweet that Rowling sent out. She refers to a transgender woman as a “Penised” woman. I will never understand her need to harm one of the most marginalized groups in the world. I just hope more trans people start coming out. They need support in numbers so badly. 

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