Netflix's New Gay Rom-Com Is Gay Crap, Ryan Field Books

 Netflix’s New Gay Rom-Com Is Gay Crap

One of the things about all of these romance movies…gay or straight…that gets under my skin a little is the insincerity. It seems like the stars of these films are just grasping for any kind of attention they can get, and if they can’t get any they will create their own attention. It’s really a little unsettling to see just how much insincerity there is out there, and how good, innocent people believe it. Sadly, for them, it’s so obvious. 

With that said, it’s interesting to see gay rom-coms. Apparently, these TV execs realized there’s money in gay stories. Of course, those of us writing gay romance for 20 years or more realized this years ago. 

In an interview with TodaySingle All The Way star Michael Urie says that viewers can get pretty much the same feeling as most other Christmas rom-coms, the only difference being the protagonist is a gay man. 

Here’s more. The interesting thing is that Tony and I tried watching this movie and we couldn’t get through the first 20 minutes without gagging. We turned on old reruns of Perry Mason…who incidentally was a closeted gay man in real life. There’s no gay culture in these rom-coms, there’s no hint of gay authenticity, and it just seemed so wooden. It was gay crap created for mass mainstream audiences who are so steeped in their straight privilege they wouldn’t even know any better. 


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