Gay Auto Racer Dustin Sprouse Bucks Gay Stereotypes, Ryan Field Books

 Gay Auto Racer Dustin Sprouse Bucks Gay Stereotypes

Dustin Sprouse is an openly gay auto racer who has found peace and comfort in his community. He might be the only out gay dirt racer in the country right now. He’s from what most would consider a very conservative area and yet he’s found acceptance. And he doesn’t want to promote any of the gay stereotypes. In other words, like most gay men he is NOT Will or his Grace. 

“I don’t flaunt it in people’s faces,” Sprouse told SI. “When I’m at the racetrack, I’m just another guy there competing, racing. I’m just one of the guys. What I do behind closed doors is my business, not theirs. But if you ask me, I will tell you, ‘Yeah, I’m gay.’ ”

Here’s more. I hope more straight people see this. We are always so poorly represented in mainstream TV, movies, and books. 

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