What It's Like For Some Gay Men to Come Out As Republican, Ryan Field Gay Fiction

 What It’s Like For Some Gay Men To Come Out As Republican

I never thought I would see the day where gay men who have struggled and fought off demons all their lives would have to come out twice. Once as gay, and another time as Republican. In fact, many of the gay Republican men I do know are quiet and never admit it in public. So they remain closeted, sometimes forever. 

I’ve always leaned to the left so I’ve always been Democrat, but over the years I’ve also leaned toward the center on certain issues. And I think that’s why so many of the gay Republicans I know feel free talking to me about it. They know I’m not going to judge them. I may not agree with everything, but I won’t judge. And I also find that we all…gay men in general…agree on almost all of the social issues, Democrat or Republican. It’s more about fiscal issues where we disagree. 

Gay people in America overwhelmingly vote for Democrats and have done so for decades. But they aren’t a monolithic group. In our second episode of “Political Outliers,” meet two gay Republicans 

Here’s more. It’s actually a video. And one of the reasons gay people vote for Democrats is because that’s where they have received the most support. During the height of the AIDS epidemic most republicans, including President Reagan, didn’t even want to know there was an epidemic. Or, they pretended they didn’t know. Many gay men didn’t forgive or forget that. 

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