The Jenny Jones Show, Homophobia In the 90s, The Gay Panic Defense, and Netflix Series "Trial by Media"

The Jenny Jones Show, Homophobia In the 90s, The Gay Panic Defense, and Netflix Series, “Trial by Media” 

Oddly enough, I started watching a cooking show on Youtube called, “Jenny Can Cook.” An elderly woman named Jenny tries to show people how to cook, with her own limited knowledge and lack of cooking skill. She’s no cook. But she is amusing and I watched her channel just for that reason. 

I also kept wondering about her. She reminded me of someone and I just couldn’t place her. And then one night it dawned on me. Jenny the bad Youtube cook is also the former talk show host, Jenny Jones. The same Jenny Jones who gay baited on her TV show to get the audience all excited about a gay man who had a secret crush on a straight man. 

I remember the incident at the time it happened in the 90s. And I remember thinking what a piece of crap Jenny Jones really is. To do that kind of gay baiting nowadays would be dangerous, but to do that in the 90s was unthinkable. Here’s an article that discusses the whole incident very well. 

When he was called on stage, he saw two of his acquaintances on the set, Donna Riley and Scott Amedure. Still clueless, he headed towards them with a big smile and greeted them. It was then when he was told that it was Amedure who had a crush on him. The 32-year-old, after prodding from the host, confessed his love and sexual fantasies about Schmitz on television. Schmitz’s smile froze on his face. It was difficult to comprehend what he was feeling, as there was no other display of emotions other than the plastered grin. The 24-year-old, however, vehemently stated on the set that he was a heterosexual man, suggesting he had no interest in Amedure. 

There’s also a Netflix series out called Trial by Media. The first episode is concentrated on this murder, and the gay baiting that Miss Jenny Jones did. The tone of the entire show is like…funny haha, the gay guy has a crush on the straight guy. The audience, and Miss Jenny Jones, find it all hysterical. 

Unfortunately, the straight guy wound up murdering the gay guy days after the show was taped. And, the gay panic defense is what they used in in court. 

The gay panic defense or homosexual advance defence is a legal strategy in which a defendant claims to have acted in a state of violent, temporary insanity, committing assault or murder, because of unwanted same-sex sexual advances.

Here’s the link to that. I’ve posted about the gay panic defense before because it’s slowly becoming illegal to actually use the defense in court. In other words, you can’t claim that you lost your mind because a gay person made advances toward you and you were totally disgusted by that. And you can’t claim that gay people freak you out to the point of committing a crime. 

My main point here is that everyone should watch the first episode of the series, Trial by Media, just to see how awful that whole Jenny Jones thing was and how poorly they treated gay people. She actually sits there laughing and smiling about this guy being gay and having a secret crush, never even thinking about what might happen as a result of this. I know it was the 90s and I know things were different then, but that doesn’t make it any less homophobic or any less wrong. I think if this had happened nowadays, she would have been canceled completely. I know that when it happened, at the time, I personally did cancel her. We were still feeling that homophobia back then. We just didn’t have voices…or the choices…to go up against straight white privilege like Miss Jenny Jones.  


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