Are Millennials Dirty Little Things? Ryan Field Books

 Are Millennials Dirty Little Things?

This isn’t about sex or kink or that kind of dirty. This is about whether or not millennials are physically dirty…as in personal hygiene and the way they keep their living spaces. I can tell you now from the first-hand experience because I rented out a small guest apartment to millennials for over 10 years that the millennials I had as tenants were outright slobs. I’m talking dirty to the point where they never once even cleaned the toilet bowl. After a year, when they would move out, I would have to get into the bathroom with gloves and bleach and a mask just to clean the filthy mess they left. I know when they moved into the apartment it was perfectly clean, and I truly do not believe they cleaned once in a year’s time. And I rented to both men and women. Both genders were equally filthy. 

Then there was this. Every so often as a landlord I would have to go up to the apartment and fix a sink or whatever. And never once did I go up and find a neat, clean living space. It was always disgusting. The kitchen counters were always filled with filthy dirty dishes, as well as the sink. The ceramic stovetop was crusted with burned-on food. The oven was splattered with grease and burns. (And it was a self-cleaning oven, too.) The microwave was splattered and splashed. And I doubt any of them washed their towels or sheets for weeks at a time. 

And I’m clearly not the only one wondering about this. There has actually been research done in the UK. 

“Our research shows that young Brits are less likely than their older counterparts to think handwashing is important before or after certain activities, like using the to

Here’s more. If they don’t wash their hands you have to wonder about other parts of their bodies that don’t get washed. I hate to even think about what’s going on in the more private areas. I remember a Twitter trend once where millennials didn’t even bother washing their legs in the shower. Oh, and allegedly many don’t even use soap. 


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