Riverdale Avenue Books In New York Publishes "The Wizard of Pride," FREE Gay Excerpt "The Wizard of Pride" Ryan Field Books

Riverdale Avenue Books In New York Publishes The Wizard of Pride

Here’s a link to a piece in the LGBTQ publication from Los Angeles called The Pride. I didn’t solicit them and I’m very grateful for this. 

In the year 1939, discretion is a way of life for young men like Darius Krasner. However, when he gets caught making love to one of the young farmhands by the wicked Agnes McCain, and she threatens to expose him and take his dog, he’s forced to run away from the only family and home he’s ever known.

Here’s more. I worked very hard with the publisher to focus on consent with this book. Consent seems to be a growing issue for a lot of gay men and I didn’t want to ignore that.

Please keep in mind this is a parody or a “re-telling” that my publisher asked me to write. I’m a minority and I’m coming from a marginalized group. I’m allowed to do that just like any other minority. Those of you who don’t think so, read this. This is exactly what I did but with gay characters. 

A live production of the 1975 Broadway musical, “The Wiz,” which put a modern spin on the classic “Wizard of Oz” tale with a cast of African-American actors.

You can find The Wizard of Pride almost anywhere books are sold online, including the publisher’s website. Below is a free excerpt from the book. 

FREE Gay Excerpt: The Wizard of Pride

This is from Chapter 4. 

Then Darius turned and jumped out of the wagon with Sparky not far behind. He ran to the main road, turned left, and ran all the way back to the farm. It wasn’t easy because he was running against the wind and it was so strong it knocked him off balance a few times. He had to grab a few fence posts to continue, and the dust from the old dirt road kept getting in his eyes. By the time he reached the road that would lead him back to the farm the sky had grown so dark it looked more like twilight than afternoon and he couldn’t shake the bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

            As he grew closer to the house the wind grew even stronger and he heard a deep howling sound in the distance. An old wooden chair that had been on the front porch flew in his direction and missed him by inches. The old table where Etienne set her wash basket flew over his head and he watched it smash into the side of the barn. Shutters began to swing back and forth, anything that wasn’t nailed or fastened to the ground started to blow in all directions, and the roof blew off the chicken coop and all the chickens jumped out and started running in different directions. This wasn’t just any old storm. This was worse. When he reached the back of the farm house and glanced up at the back pasture, he saw a huge dark funnel cloud heading direction for the farm.

            “Etienne, Nicola.” He shouted with such force his throat hurt. “Etienne, Nicola. Where are you?”  

            He thought they might be in the storm cellar so he ran to where the cellar doors were located and found them locked tightly. He tried to pull them open but it was no use. The wind was so strong and so loud by that point he started to shout again, hoping Etienne, Nicola, and the farm hands were safe and that they could hear him. He kicked the cellar doors and said, “Etienne, Nicola, let me in. Please let me in. Etienne, Nicola.”

            No one responded and he turned and glanced toward the back pasture again.  He pressed his palm to his throat and gasped. He could see the dark funnel cloud was getting closer, heading directly toward his farm. He didn’t want to run to the barn because that was the oldest building on the farm and that would be the first to come down. He couldn’t just stand outside and hope for the best. He had one choice: he had to go into the house and find a safe place to hide. So he tapped his leg and said, “C’mon, Sparky. We have to hurry. There’s no time.”

            They ran toward the house and climbed the back stairs two at a time. The screen door was already swinging back and forth in the wind and he had to be careful it didn’t hit him in the face. He called out once again, “Etienne, Nicola, are you here?” No one replied and he figured they’d already found shelter in the storm cellar and they couldn’t hear him. He’d probably missed them by seconds.

He ran to the small bedroom on the first floor where he slept and Sparky followed. As he turned to close the bedroom door a huge gust of wind blew the window frame over his bed into his room so fast he didn’t have time to dodge it. The old wooden window frame hit the side of his head and stunned him so suddenly he fell backward and landed on his back. The bed braced his fall, but he was covered with wood and glass and he lost track of everything else around him. He couldn’t hear the wind blowing anymore, and the shutters that had been banging against the clapboards went silent. Then everything went dark and he felt a sense of peace and calm envelope him. And as he closed his eyes, not even thinking about the dark funnel cloud anymore, the last thing he felt was Sparky’s head brushing up against his palm.

            When he finally opened his eyes again and sat up, he felt a little dizzy and the house was rocking. It was a strange feeling, as if the house was moving in circles, but in slow motion. Sparky barked and he glanced out the window above his bed and pressed his palms to his chest. He saw chairs fly by, someone’s sofa seemed to be drifting in mid-air, and the most beautiful naked man flew by and waved at him. He’d never seen this naked man before, but he felt as if he knew him. He had blond hair, a well-defined muscular body, and a thick chunky penis.

            Darius wasn’t sure what was happening so he rose from the bed and walked over to the window and glanced down. “We must be in the funnel cloud, Sparky. Right in the center of it.”

            He took a step back when he saw Agnes McCain drift by in her old pick-up truck. She had both hands gripped to the steering wheel and she was sitting up close to it, slightly hunched over. She looked into his bedroom window and sent him a quick sideways glance, and then she continued driving until she was out of sight. That’s when the house started to rock and spin faster. The bed and the dresser moved away from the walls and he fell on the bed so he wouldn’t fly out the window. The house felt as though it was falling and spinning totally out of control. He didn’t know where he was headed or where he would wind up. The only thing he could do at that point was hold on to Sparky and cover his face with a pillow.

            When the house finally landed with a thud, everything stopped moving and Darius stood up from the bed and looked around. Everything seemed to be okay now. The house hadn’t fallen apart and Sparky was sitting on the bed staring at him. So he patted the top of Sparky’s head and said, “Let’s go out and take a look.”

            He opened the bedroom door slowly and crept down the hallway as if this was the first time he’d ever been inside this house. There were no signs of Etienne or Nicola and he figured they were still down in the storm cellar. He crossed through the dining room and then the living room slowly, as if each step he took could be his last. When he finally reached the front door he stood there staring at if for a moment because he was terrified to open it and see what was outside.

            He squared his back and took a deep breath. As he opened the door he exhaled and his eyes grew wider. The old farm house seemed to have landed somewhere odd, in a place he’d never been before. He’d never seen such a bright blue sky, so many exotic colorful flowers, and so many magnificent shades of green in his entire life. The shrubs were all perfectly pruned and the walkways all neatly swept. It was so exaggerated it didn’t look real. It reminded him of a painting he’d once seen in a picture book about a far off land in a magical world of wonder.

            As strange as all this was, he felt safe and he took a few steps forward and exited the house. To his right there was a shrub that seemed to have pink cotton candy growing on it, and to his left stood a tree with small droplets of milk chocolate hanging. They reminded him of acorns made out of chocolate and he wasn’t sure if they were safe to eat. But the most amazing thing of all was the silver glittery path that was directly in front of him. The path had been gilded in silver with small specks of silver glitter, the kind of glitter he’d only seen on greeting cards during the holiday season. As he glanced up and looked forward, the silver path led to a pale blue bridge where there was a fountain that looked as if it was overflowing with sweet cherry soda.

            Sparky barked and Darius looked at him and said, “I don’t know where we are, but this place sure is different. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. The street lamps are made out of lollipops, the grass is so green it looks fake, and the water in that pond beneath the blue bridge reminds me of pink lemonade. Where are we, Sparky? What is this place?”

            Sparky barked again and Darius walked toward the magical blue bridge. On the other side of the bridge, he saw a cluster of buildings that reminded him of tiny dog houses. The roofs were made out of that old fashioned thatch he’d seen in English picture books, and the walls had been painted in several different pastel shades. He saw pink, green, blue, and yellow. There were several different shades of red, and even some purple. If something was white, it was pure white. And there were no signs of gray anywhere to be seen.

            He thought he heard voices coming from a row of thick shrubs in the background, but when he turned all the way around he saw nothing and there was total silence. He faced the bridge and the cluster of tiny dog houses again and looked up at the clear blue sky. His jaw dropped and he couldn’t move. There was something in the sky floating toward him. He blinked a few times because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There was a giant, sparkling crystal chandelier descending from a puffy white cloud. It shimmered and glowed just like the chandeliers he’d seen in a fancy restaurant once. And as it came toward him, he glanced down at Sparky and said, “Oh Sparky, I don’t know what this is, but I have a feeling we are not in Uranus anymore.”


The Straight Pride Parade
The Straight Pride Parade

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A Different Kind of Southern Love Story

What readers are saying about “Uncertainty”


“A wonderful story that I loved. The characters were well developed, and strong. Gus: A sweet young man. Doing something for all the wrong reasons. Craig: his boyfriend, he’ll go along with anything Gus say. Henry: Gus father a no nonsense man, who’s husband died last year. I enjoyed this story.”

Uncertainty by [Field, Ryan]

What readers said about “Altered Parts”
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In paperback or e-book. #gayromance #Wednesday

Altered Parts

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]


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