14 Straight People Who Deny the Existence of Gay People, What They Do To Gay People In Publishing, Ryan Field Books

14 Straight People Who Deny the Existence of Gay People

There is a name for this. It’s called Straight-Washing. And it happens all the time. 

This is one of those tongue-in-cheek pieces that talk about how clueless some straight people can be when it comes to the actual existence of gay people. They simply overlook us completely. It doesn’t call anyone out in particular. It’s more geared toward generalities. 

I love #7 the most. It’s so true. They do this with Walt Whitman every year when it’s his birthday. On Twitter, all these “woke” straight allies totally ignore the fact that Whitman was gay. Most of them don’t even know it. 

historians: well we dont want say this is a love letter because men often expressed affections differently back then, so this person wasn’t gay, they were just friends

Here’s the rest.  The so-called historians do this all the time. I’ve even seen it done with President JFK. The President’s lifelong friend and very close companion, Lem Billings, is mentioned briefly in history but never actually talked about in detail. Not only was he gay, he never left JFK’s side…and the Kennedy family loved him. I posted about that before, too. 

Friends from the 1970s confirmed that Billings was homosexual, but not open to discussing it. In 2006, looking back to the Kennedy Administration, Ben Bradlee said: “I suppose it’s known that Lem was gay….It impressed me that Jack had gay friends.”

This isn’t the only case. It’s amazing how well these straights ignore us. We just want to be recognized, without shame or chagrin. We’re here.

What They Do To Gay People In publishing

This doesn’t have any links. I’m just going to randomly post my observations of the publishing industry based on my own personal experience over the last 25 years. It’s been interesting. Mostly good, but there have been ‘moments.’ 

First, the publishing industry is notoriously liberal.  But not with gay people. That’s only a myth. They will appropriate our culture and pass gay authors over for straight authors every single time. Just look at Annie Proulx. 

And it happens at all levels. Here’s one good example. About ten years ago I was getting published with a start-up e-publisher called Ravenous Romance. I came from the world of LGBTQ publishing, with publishers like Alyson Books and Cleis Press. I didn’t know this kind of discrimination existed until I experienced it myself.

Ravenous Romance actually contracted a straight male author from California to write a gay romance. He used a pen name, but he was so clueless about what he was doing to gay culture he actually promoted the book with his real straight name. And so did his dumb straight girlfriend. She was a real gem. She was best friends with all the gay guys and clueless about the knife she was sticking in their backs. She tried to get friendly with me, but I went blank. I would never have said anything back in those days either. I would just suck it up and take the insults from these people. 

And to this day those blithering straight idiots don’t even know what they did. They are still posting the same crap they always did and they don’t even realize how homophobic they are. 

And by the way, the book this straight guy wrote was one of the worst gay romances I have ever read in my life. It went nowhere. And he and his girlfriend went right back to the privilege of writing their straight fiction.

And so it goes! 

 The Straight Pride Parade: This is one night he’ll never forget! by [Field, Ryan ]
How to be a Good Gay Bottom 

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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