Banned Police From New York Pride All Head to the Suburbs for Equality Instead, Ryan Field Books

Banned Police From New York Pride All Head to the Suburbs for Equality Instead

A few venues around the country, including New York City, have banned the LGBTQ police from attending Pride events openly and there has been backlash. And according to gay people I know in New York, as a result of banning the police, MANY people are canceling New York City Pride and they are heading out to the suburbs instead this year.


It’s a twist from a previous era when officers often felt more comfortable marching in the city rather than closer to home where acceptance of gay officers lagged, evident by the fact that they weren’t even allowed to march in uniform in parades in Nassau and Suffolk counties until the early 2000s.

Here’s more. They go on to give a rather weak explanation as to why the suburbs are fine with having the police attend and why the city isn’t allowing them. 

Apparently, these Pride celebrations everywhere won’t be “full scale” because of COVID. I didn’t know that. From what I hear from everyone I know in New York, life is pretty much back to normal. 

The Straight Pride Parade

The Straight Pride Parade


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Uncertainty by [Field, Ryan]

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