My Author Amazon Page and FREE Gay Excerpt, Books By Ryan Field

 My Amazon Author Page and FREE Gay Excerpt

I’m often remiss about promoting my past work and yet I know I should be doing it. So this time I’m going for a broad range by posting this link to my Amazon author page.  I think everything I’ve ever had published is up there. The only thing I’m not sure about are the books I was in prior to 2005 when I was still submitting short stories to anthologies with all the gay presses. I actually have all the books packed away in boxes, but I never really did a comprehensive online list. There was a time in the 90s and the early 2000s when I was getting at least 5 short stories a year published in anthologies by gay publishers. And oddly enough, it’s still my favorite area to work. I love the short story. 

Here’s a book that I was in that actually won a Lambda Award in 2009. My story in the book is titled, “Down the Basement.” And that story is up on Amazon as well. “Down the Basement” is one of those stories that I never expected to be taken so well. I just thought it was a nice little story, but it seems to resonate with people. 

The free excerpt I’m publishing below is from my newest book that hasn’t even dropped yet. This is a sequel to the Altered Parts book. I’m titling it Altered Parts: Clive. I want to keep it simple. And this book is set in the present, not the past. 

Altered Parts: Clive

After he had his hair, nails, and facial done, Clive did a little shopping for a few last-minute items he’d been meaning to get for weeks. He’d always been detail-oriented and this was the first time he was getting married. This day had to be perfect because he was marrying the man of his dreams. He also wanted to stop and get some cheese. It was a special kind of cheese and they only sold it in one store in all of Miami-Dade County. As ridiculous as it sounded, and as much as he was trying to focus on the wedding, he really needed cheese that day.

He also needed an extra pair of new shoes in case he changed his mind about the shoes he was planning to wear that afternoon for the marriage ceremony. He found a great bargain, too. The extra spare pair of black shoes was on sale for $3,500 and he snatched them up fast. There was only one pair left in his size. He also picked up a Ferragamo belt, Versace underpants that hugged his bottom in just the right way, and the cutest Balenciaga coat he’d ever seen. He didn’t really need the coat for the wedding, but it was also on sale $4,500 and he couldn’t resist a bargain.

            As he ran back to his black Jaguar SUV, practically skipping all the way down Lincoln Road with his arms filled with packages, he smiled the entire way. He nodded and waved at passersby and they glanced at him with wide eyes. He loved Lincoln Road because he knew where every shop was located and he could move around quickly. However, he also knew every shop, boutique, and salon in Miami-Dade County, and if he couldn’t find something in South Beach or Miami, he would drive up to Palm Beach and shop along Worth Avenue. Clive was no slouch. Although he had a college degree in English and he’d just been accepted into law school, he took pride in the fact that most people who knew him would have said his real talents were men and shopping.

             When everything he’d purchased was in the car, he shut the back door and glanced down at his phone. He’d lost track of time and he’d missed his full body massage that morning. He’d also spent too much time trying on swim trunks in that one store with the cute guy who kept complimenting his butt. In fact, he was so late he didn’t even have time to text his massage therapist and explain why he wasn’t showing up that day. He knew it wouldn’t matter because he had a standing appointment every weekend and they had his credit card number. They knew if he didn’t show up they could charge him anyway. He never had to worry about money that way and he didn’t mind being charged for not showing up.

            He turned and ran around to the other side of the car and opened the driver’s door. When he sat down and started the engine, he grabbed the steering wheel and spoke aloud. “Don’t worry, William. I’ll be there. I will not be late for this. It’s the happiest day of our lives, sweetheart and I’m on my way home to get married.”

            Then he turned the wheel, hit the gas, and screeched out into the traffic in front of a group of cars that all stopped short at the same time. While they screamed pejoratives and waved their fists at him, he reached into a bag on the passenger seat and pulled out a piece of cheese. He didn’t care about the other drivers. He was getting married that day and there were still things to do. He raced all the way back to Coral Gables and pulled into the driveway in record time. He glanced quickly at the massive Spanish colonial mansion and noticed caterers, florists, and service staff moving back and forth so they could set up for the wedding that afternoon.  

            He hopped out of the SUV, left the door wide open with the motor running and ran toward the main front entrance. There were plenty of regular household staff outside getting ready for the wedding and he knew one of them would park the car in the garage and carry his bags up to his room. He was so hungry he’d eaten all the cheese and he wished he’d purchased more. He ran into the front hallway, up the grand staircase, and all the way down to the second-floor hall. When he reached the last bedroom on the right he pushed the door open and found William standing in front of a full-length mirror in his dressing room preparing for the wedding.

            When William saw Clive’s reflection in the mirror he turned and sent him a smile. “There you are. I was worried. I thought you’d be late for your own wedding.”

            He looked so adorable standing there in his black tuxedo that Clive couldn’t resist walking over to him and kissing him on the mouth. Even though there was a 30 year age difference, he was still the most beautiful man Clive had ever seen. His jet black hair was now mixed with silver, his perfectly flat abdomen rounded out a little now, and there were a few sexy lines around his eyes that only made Clive’s heart beat faster. In spite of the age difference, he loved this man with his heart and soul, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for him.

            William kissed him and then he took a step back and looked into his eyes. “You’d better be careful. You’re getting me all worked up again. We don’t have time.”

            Clive smiled and reached down between his legs. He grabbed his junk and said, “You’re making me hot right now, and we can always make time for love.” William had always referred to him as his natural sex drug. He claimed the before he’d met Clive he’d used Viagra to maintain an erection. And then he met Clive and never needed a pill to maintain an erection again.

            They kissed again, and Clive caught a glimpse of the kissing in the mirror. He’d always thought they were a handsome couple. For a middle-aged man, William had maintained a nice firm, muscular body, and his skin was still tight and still had a glow. Although his dark hair had strands of silver, it only made him appear more distinguished. At a quick glance, there didn’t even appear to be an age difference. They were both about 6 feet tall and Clive’s body was as lean and well-built as William’s. His hair was as dark, but without the silver, and he had the same chiseled features. The biggest difference between them wasn’t physical. It was more emotional. It was obvious to anyone that when they climbed into bed together, William was the one who climbed on top of Clive. 

            William reached around and grabbed his bottom and said, “You’re so hard to resist.” The sex between them had always been passionate and emotional, to the point of becoming exaggerated at times. It wasn’t just heaving chests, strong breathing, and drenching perspiration. They moved faster and spent more time pleasing each other, which brought their sexual encounters to more emotional heights neither one of them expected. This was partly because Clive grew sexually aroused whenever he saw how much William desired him, and partly because William was naturally a good, steady lover. It wasn’t what he did as much as how he did it that made Clive’s 25-year-old eyes roll back in his head. But more than anything, William was all man and not afraid to show it. And sometimes it could be something as minor as the sound of Williams’s voice.

            “Then don’t resist,” Clive said, backing into William’s hand. “We still have time before the wedding. Make me feel wonderful again.”

            William squeezed his buttocks harder and smiled. “You’re naughty.”

            Clive reached down and unbuckled William’s black slacks and said, “I’m going to do that thing you love. It can be an early wedding gift.”

            William just stood there, with his pants open and his erection sticking out of his underwear. “What thing are you talking about? I love everything you do, my love.”

            Clive reached into his pocket for his phone and glanced down at the screen. He pressed his music app and a sultry, sexy, well-known striptease song started playing on the sound system that was already in sync with his phone. He raised the volume a little and reached down to hold William’s erection in his palm. He stroked it a few times and said, “Go sit on the sofa and wait for it.”

            “Oh baby,” William said.

            Clive took a step back and William walked sideways toward a black leather sofa in a seating area of their master bedroom. The master suite in the mansion was stark and modern like the rest of the house, with black leather furniture, glass and chrome tables, and subtle lighting. The floors were white marble and the walls bright white. Every wall had a large abstract canvas from some of the most well-known artists in the world, many of which had been purchased at Art Basel in Miami. The large king-size bed had a black leather headboard and above that, there was a large, abstract painting of a male nude. Most people didn’t know how to interpret it, but all Clive had to do was glance at the long, thick pole in the center and he grew instantly excited. He knew exactly what that represented because he’d met the artist and it had been explained to him, in detail.

            As William slowly dropped his pants and sat down on the black leather sofa, Clive moved from one side of the room to the other, wiggling his slim hips and rocking his pelvis. He knew they didn’t have much time until the wedding but there was no way to stop this now. Once he started having sex with William nothing could stop them.

            William spread his legs and reached down to stroke his erection. He watched Clive moving and rocking and dancing to the music with a deadpan stare and a great big smile. They were both smiling by then and there was nothing shameful or lewd about what they were doing. It was all in good fun, they’d been together as a couple for 5 years now, and they never had a problem joking about the sex they shared. They never took themselves too seriously, which made the sex even better. One of their favorite things to joke about was porn sex, especially when they did exaggerated porn sex.

            The music reached that point where everything started moving faster, and that’s when Clive began removing articles of clothing. First, he kicked off his brown leather half boots and yanked off his socks. He threw his socks at William on the sofa and one landed on William’s shoulder and the other on his knee. William grabbed the one on his knee and pressed it to his face so he could inhale Clive’s scent. Then he tossed it back over his shoulder and he started to remove all of his clothes.

            After William pulled off his black tuxedo jacket and white shirt, Clive removed his black T-shirt shirt and danced around the room in skinny jeans. A few minutes later, William removed his pants, his socks, and his shoes. And when William was totally naked, Clive slowly unfastened his jeans and removed them while William watched every move he made. Clive took his time and tried to move and turn in the way of a professional male stripper. He knew this was one of William’s favorite sex fantasies. He loved to be seduced by male strippers. Clive slowly lowered his jeans down his legs and he stepped out of them and kicked them to the right with his barefoot. He moved around slowly and headed toward the sofa so William could watch him dance in his black cotton underwear.

            He inched up to the middle of the sofa where William was sitting and he stood in between William’s legs. He glanced down at his future husband with a great big smile and said, “Pull down my pants, handsome. And do it very slowly.”

            “You are a fool,” William said. His erection looked even harder than it had a minute earlier.

            “Pull them down,” Clive said. “And then get up here and dance with me.”

            Well by that time William’s face was red, there were beads of perspiration rolling down the sides of his face, and his chest was actually, indeed, heaving. He leaned forward, with a glare in his eyes, and reached for the waistband of Clive’s underpants with both hands. He pulled them down slowly and closed his eyes when Clive’s erection hit him on the face.

            Then Clive stepped out of his underpants and William stood up from the sofa and took Clive in his arms. Clive rested his palms on William’s shoulders and William grabbed Clive by the waist and they started dancing to the beat of the music together this time.

            William kissed Clive’s neck and said, “I love you so much. This is the happiest day of my life. I waited my entire life for you to come along.”

            Clive caressed his cheek and smiled. “And I you, my love. I’ve never been happier either. I love you so dearly there are no words to express it.”

            The same song was still playing on his phone and he started moving even faster. As they laughed and twirled in circles, Clive realized how lucky he was to have found the love of his life at such a young age. He couldn’t imagine being with anyone else or living with anyone else. He felt as if he was home.

            Then William leaned forward a little and he grabbed Clive by the waist a little harder. Clive turned and smiled at him, and he thought William was smiling back at him. His face was red and his mouth was half open and he looked perfectly happy. It was almost magical. He still had a full erection and he seemed to be pulling Clive down on the floor.

            Clive sent him a smile and he reached up to caress his face again, but this time William not only leaned forward, he slumped forward, went down on his knees, and landed flat on his back. His eyes remained open and there was still a great big smile on his face, but his erection was gone by then, and his chest wasn’t heaving anymore.

            The music was still blaring and Clive went down on his knees and he grabbed William’s head with both hands and said, “No, you can’t do this. William, please, don’t leave me. Hang on while I get help.”

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