Does "Sex in the City" Still Hold Up Today? Ryan Field Books

 Does “Sex and the City” Still Hold Up Today? 

The other morning I was switching through TV channels while waiting for the morning news to come back from a commercial and I found reruns of Sex and the City. I only watched one scene, but it was an eye-opener for me because I’d never watched that TV show back in the 90s. I was never interested in the sex lives of straight privileged women. In this particular scene, one of the women is getting a rub down and the guy who’s doing it is hot. You can hear her talking to herself, inside her own head, and she wants this guy to move into something sexual. She wants his hand to slowly slide up her towel. And when he doesn’t make a sexual move she reaches out and grabs his penis on her own. I guess because she’s a woman she simply assumes that it’s okay to do this to a man? 

The show went into more explanation about this, and they tried to make her aggressive predatory behavior toward this man perfectly normal with a very lame explanation. But it failed then and it fails now. But that’s not all. Another reason why I never watched this show is because of the way they turned gay men into pet poodles. I found it repugnant 20 years ago and I still find it repugnant now. 

With that said, here’s an article that talks about 7 things that make no sense with regard to Sex in the City.

Sex and the City discussed financial struggles for single women often enough. However, they never explained how, precisely, a parttime newspaper columnist could afford a 1-bedroom Upper East Side apartment — complete with a closetful of designer clothing and shoes.

Here’s the link.  It might make you wonder if we really need the fresh hells of a reboot? 

I just want to add one more thing. The things I’m talking about here aren’t because we’ve become too PC nowadays or that we get offended too easily. We were offended by TV shows like Sex in the City 20 years ago, it’s just that no one was listening. 

 Don’t Be Afraid of Virginia’s Woolf



“A wonderful story that I loved. The characters were well developed, and strong. Gus: A sweet young man. Doing something for all the wrong reasons. Craig: his boyfriend, he’ll go along with anything Gus say. Henry: Gus father a no nonsense man, who’s husband died last year. I enjoyed this story.”

Uncertainty by [Field, Ryan]

What readers said about “Altered Parts”
“Best Gay Novel In Years. This story will stay with you and you will feel you know every character and the beauty of their home in the mountains of North Carolina.”

Altered Parts

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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