Why You shouldn't Call Lindsey Graham "Lady G", Ryan Field Books

Why You Shouldn’t Call Lindsey Graham “Lady G”

I’m not a huge fan of Lindsey Graham and I never was, however, whenever I see these know-it-all straights on Twitter referring to him as “Lady G” it makes me want to punch something…hard. If you’re straight you don’t get the right to do that. It’s homophobic. 

And yet I see it on Twitter all the time. It clearly shows she doesn’t “get” it. 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has come under fire for referring to Sen. Lindsey Graham as “Lady G” in an old tweet that’s being slammed as off base and homophobic.

Part of the problem is that as a marginalized group we don’t always protect each other and ban together. We’re always looking for quasi allies instead of staunch supporters. 

Here’s more. She would never have the audacity to do that to any other marginalized group. So why is it still okay to make homophobic slurs this way? And as far as I know, unless I missed something, Graham strongly claims he is not gay, which makes what she does even worse because it implies shame. And this is why so many men are still in the closet. 

I’m just sick of it. 


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