Oranj Palm Vacation Rentals Wants Me To Not Get My COVID Vaccine, Ryan Field Books

Oranj Palm Vacation Rentals Wants me To Not Get MY COVID Vaccine

This is just a small post about a personal experience Tony and I just had with a vacation rental company in Palm Springs, CA called Oranj Palm. You can check them out here.  But just beware! 

I’ll keep it short and sweet, and this is exactly how it went down. Tony and I rented a place in Palm Springs for the month of March through this company called Oranj Palm, and we did this back in November. At the time, we could not have predicted anything with regard to COVID vaccines. 

Last week we were called to get our vaccines. The problem for us with regard to Oranj Palm and our rental is that we can’t go to Palm Springs in the month of March because of our second shots. So all we did was ask Oranj Palm rentals for an extension so we could get our COVID shots. We didn’t want a refund. This was not about getting our money back. We were simply asking to switch the March rental to April or even May. We are NOT trying to get out of paying them. 

Sadly, Oranj Palm is refusing to even listen to us. They basically gave us a choice. They said they will NOT give us another month and we can still come in March and miss our COVID shots. And one person at Oranj Palm actually suggested we just get our COVID shots in Palm Springs. Now, anyone with even the slightest bit of knowledge about what’s going on with vaccines will understand that makes no sense. I still can’t believe he said it.  You can’t just drive into another state and ask for a COVID shot. It doesn’t work that way. 

The place we were supposed to rent isn’t even booked for the rest of the year. It is totally empty. You can check this out on their website. 

So of course our vaccines are more important to us than anything right now, and we will, sadly, be losing a lot of money because Oranj Palm wouldn’t even listen to our request. We chose to do the right thing and get our shots. Not so much Oranj Palm Vacation Rentals. They gave us a choice and we chose the vaccines over fun and pleasure. 

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