Neil Patrick Harris Tries to Normalize and Sexualize Straight Actors Playing Gay Face; Ryan Field Books

Neil Patrick Harris Tries to Normalize and Sexualize Straight Actors Playing Gay Face

This really bothers me because it’s coming from a gay man who should know better. He knows the gay parts and opportunities are not out there and he also knows that many openly gay actors get turned away constantly in Hollywood. This is seriously stupid. I totally understand the gay fantasy of straight guys. It’s huge and it’s common. But to put it into this context just makes me sick to my stomach. 

However, Neil Patrick Harris revealed Thursday that he thinks directors should hire the “best actor” regardless of orientation — even claiming that it’s “sexy” when straight actors play gay.

Here’s more. He goes on to say he thinks the gay part should go to the best actor, the one who can do the best job. But as I’ve said before, just because you can do something does NOT mean you should be doing it. Meryl Streep would never play Rosa Parks in a film. I’m certain she could do it wonderfully, but Meryl Streep isn’t that stupid or insensitive.

This debate is going to continue, and I have no idea where it’s going to wind up. But I like to hope that I’m going to land on the right side of history this time. And it’s really kind of sad that Neil Patrick Harris would be so out of touch and so fortune in his own insulated world that he doesn’t even realize he’s still part of a minority that is fighting the stigma and the shame every single day. 


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Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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