Are Doctors Advocating COVID-19 Vaccine Shots In Penises, Does COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Increase Penis Size, Ryan Field Books

 Are Doctors Advocating COVID-19 Vaccine Shots In Penises

I somehow missed this one on social media, but according to this article, there’s another Internet hoax going around that suggests that doctors are giving men COVID-19 vaccine shots in their penises. Supposedly, it works better if it’s given in the penis. 

A morphed screenshot of a CNN news article purported to claim that doctors are advocating injecting COVID-19 vaccines in the penis among men is doing the rounds on social media. The screenshot also mischievously uses an image of a California-based medical practitioner to support the narrative.

You can read more, here.  It’s total satire. It’s mostly circulating on Facebook. 

Does COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Increase Penis Size

Here’s another little story people have been talking about lately. Apparently, there’s a rumor claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine can increase your penis size by 3 inches. 

People are sharing posts that contain screenshots and excerpts that say COVID-19 vaccine can actually help enlarge the penis size. 

Read more at this link.  Unfortunately, this is satire, too. Can you imagine if it were true? The guys would be lining up for miles just to get the vaccine. The most interesting thing, though, about all these articles is that they appear so realistic and honest. You truly have to be careful nowadays. 



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Uncertainty by [Field, Ryan]

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Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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