A Christmas Carol Gay Parody, "A Christmas Carl", A Gay "Get Out" Parody

 A Christmas Carol Parody, “A Christmas Carl”

I haven’t done a parody like this in a while, at least not for Christmas. But I had a good time with this one. The basic story is so straight and it’s so mainstream how could I not have a good time with it. And I think it still holds up today, as a gay parody and a gay erotic romance. 

An Amazon Review:

I loved this book. It was a fun and fuzzy read just what you need during the cold winter. It did make me chuckle with a mention of president Hillary Clinton but it was written in 2016 so that was the way the future was headed. Loved all the main characters and the thrilling love story that will warm your heart. Kudos for including Quinten Crisp.

Here’s the link to read more.  If Hillary Clinton does become President one day, and you never really know, I will finally feel vindicated. (smile) 

A Gay Get Out Parody

For those of you who are not familiar with gay parody, here’s something I love that someone else did. You see, it is okay for someone in a marginalized group to parody something that is straight and mainstream. All marginalized groups have a right to do this. 


The “Get Out 2 Official Trailer” follows the same story as the original but with a gay twist, and takes all of our favorite moments completely over the top. 

Here’s more. Whether or not you like gay parody is not the point. There’s a reason why gay people do this. 

Chase of a Christmas Dream by [Field, Ryan]

Glendora Hill: Cowboy Christmas Miracle by [Field, Ryan]

Second Chance: The Littlest Christmas Tree by [Field, Ryan]

The Computer Tutor by [Field, Ryan]

Holiday Gay : Tales of Love, Lust, Romance and Other Seasonal Gifts

My short story: I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Holiday Gay  : Tales of Love, Lust, Romance and Other Seasonal Gifts by [McDonagh, Maitland ]

Down the Basement II: Santa Saturday by [Field, Ryan]

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