Civil Unions for Gay People and the Misguided Pope; Ryan Field Books

Civil Unions for Gay People and the Misguided Pope

I am amazed at how so many straight people are praising the Pope for supporting civil unions. And in all fairness, I’m even more amazed at how some gay people are praising him as if they don’t know any better. I don’t get it. While we were fighting for legalized same-sex marriage here in the US I was staunchly against civil unions. I wanted equality for all, and that meant legalized same-sex marriage…the word “marriage.” I argued that point many times with other gay people who were so willing to settle for less. It’s still happening. 

ROME—Pope Francis endorsed civil unions for same-sex couples, in a move that is likely to intensify the already heated controversy over the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

Here’s more. They think nothing of using the word “homosexuality,” too, as if that’s still the most common term. It’s like 1950 all over again. And if you read the entire article you’ll see that the Pope is against same-sex marriage. However, they also state that this is a huge step forward for LGBTQ people in other countries. And that I happen to believe is a good thing. 

We really have a long way to go before we receive total equality everywhere. I just wish the Pope had taken a strong stand on this and come out in support of same-sex marriage, not civil unions.         

I think most of all I’m tired of straights telling me what they believe is right or wrong for me. It shouldn’t be any of their damn business. 




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Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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