Hugh Jackman's Wife Responds To Rumors That He's Gay and She Gets it Wrong; Ryan Field Books

Hugh Jackman’s Wife Responds To Rumors That He’s Gay and She Gets it ALL So Wrong

On the surface, Hugh Jackman’s wife sounds logical, but this goes a lot deeper. And she could have chosen a better way to discuss this in public. 

I see these magazines and they’re so mean-spirited… I hope people realize it’s all made up. [Hugh’s] been gay for so many years, I was gay too when I did [the 1988 film] Shame. They were shocked when I got married. It’s just wrong. It’s like someone saying to Elton John, ‘Oh he’s straight’. I’m sure he’d be pissed!

You can’t compare being gay to being straight. Not to mention the fact that it sounds as though she’s admitting that she played gayface herself at one time on a film called Shame. Pay attention, because this is the epitome of straight privilege. They never see the homophobia. 

But more than that, I don’t know how Elton John would feel if someone said he was straight. But as a gay man I know I wouldn’t be pissed if someone said I was straight. Hell, I pretended to be straight for a long time for a good deal of my life because of all the shame that comes with being gay. It wouldn’t bother me at all. 

So no, Mrs. Jackman, it is NOT like someone saying to Elton John, “Oh, he’s straight.” Because there’s no shame in being straight, but for many gay people there is still shame and stigma and embarrassment in being gay. And that, Mrs. Jackman, is why so many gay people are still in the closet. That, Mrs. Jackman, is why being gay is still illegal in so many countries. That, Mrs. Jackman, is the difference. I could go even deeper, but this is only a short post. 

Sadly, she’s just another typical clueless straight person who really doesn’t get it yet. So they think your husband is gay. Big deal. Get over yourself, Mrs. Jackman. I don’t think anyone even cares if your husband is gay.   

You can read it all, here. 

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