The Homophobic Lindsey Graham Video All Over Twitter the Straights Are Loving; Ryan Field Books

The Homophobic Lindsey Graham Video All Over Twitter the Straights Are Loving

I’m always amazed when I see gay people supporting toxic, homophobic straights just because these toxic homophobic straights claim to be allies. While they claim to be allies, they are slamming us with either passive aggressive homophobia or blatant homophobia. Some do it because they don’t know any better. They think they know everything there is to know about gay people from watching Will and his Grace, and some do it because they were born with such a strong sense of straight privilege they believe they can do whatever they want and we’ll let them get away with it. And some of us do let them get away with it. But not all of us. Not me. 

With that said, there’s nasty video going around about Lindsey Graham. I’m not a Lindsey Graham supporter and I really don’t care if he wins the next election or not. I don’t even know that much about Graham, because that’s how far off he is from my personal radar. But I did see the nasty video, and I saw the snide homophobic insinuations. I’ve seen other homophobic references to Graham and it amazes me how this is not getting more attention. I even took screen shots this time, which I don’t usually do. 

Here’s a link to the video. I’m not posting it here. If you’re on Twitter you can check it out, here. 

In short, the video jokes about how Graham is losing funding, which is fine. I don’t care if he goes broke. But then they go on to mention Graham eating a hot dog, and he’s licking his lips and making a strange face with this tongue, and it’s a clear homophobic reference to gay men in general. 

And the straights are having a blast laughing at the gay jokes. It’s amazing to watch. If this were any other marginalized group being treated this way, they would never get away with it. They would burn on Twitter. 

Here are the screen shots. It’s just a few, and I just chose these at random, but there are many, many more from other people just like this…or worse. And what really bothers me is that as a liberal Democrat I didn’t know I was supposed to be homophobic, too.  

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