Anti-Masker Rams Woman with Shopping Cart; An Stupid Open Letter to Gay Men on COVID 19; Ryan Field Books

Anti-Masker Rams Woman with Shopping Cart

I have no idea what’s wrong with people and masks. I wear mine all the time, and I never think of it as a big deal. It’s just a mask.

But not everyone agrees with me. This is all because someone didn’t want to wear a mask.

The witness said the man continued screaming at the woman while he pushed his cart into her. She also said she saw another woman try to push the man out of the way. … 

Here’s more. There’s some good video footage.

A Stupid Open Letter to Gay Men on COVID 19

This one bothers me not because I disagree with the main point, but because it’s singling out gay men and I’m seeing all kinds of people ignore the COVID 19 guidelines for social distancing. It’s not just gay men. It’s everyone and it’s everywhere. And I just don’t like the way gay men were singled out here.

I also think the entire concept of open letters have run their course by now. I sick of seeing them and I don’t like stating the obvious.

In any event, here’s what’s got them so upset.

This last week, we watched our Facebook and Twitter feeds explode with conversation responding to images of large gatherings of gay men on Fire Island and other common ‘gay’ destinations over the 4th of July weekend.

Well here’s something interesting. I saw thousands of people on TV walking on boardwalks at the NJ shore. Of course I personally disagree with all of that, and I have been practicing social distancing since March, but call everyone out. Not just gay men. And, let’s not forget about all those protests and political gatherings. Don’t dare try to tell me that’s safe. 

Here’s more. 



“A wonderful story that I loved. The characters were well developed, and strong. Gus: A sweet young man. Doing something for all the wrong reasons. Craig: his boyfriend, he’ll go along with anything Gus say. Henry: Gus father a no nonsense man, who’s husband died last year. I enjoyed this story.”

Uncertainty by [Field, Ryan]

What readers said about “Altered Parts”
“Best Gay Novel In Years. This story will stay with you and you will feel you know every character and the beauty of their home in the mountains of North Carolina.”

Altered Parts

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

While the book is easily readable, it also addresses emotions stereotypes and relationships. I would have preferred it be 3 times as long and tragically most guys don’t find happy endings as depicted.. but in a short book, it provides food for thought, clarity and insight.. far more and better expressed than 99% of gay fiction . I don’t think it could have been done better.

Kendle's Fire by Ryan Field

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