Kim Davis Allegedly Wants To Outlaw Gay Marriage; Male on Male Erotica is Highly Popular with Women; Ryan Field Books

Kim Davis Allegedly Wants to Outlaw Gay Marriage

Good old anti-gay, homophobic Kim Davis is now allegedly trying to help reverse the SCOTUS ruling on legalized same-sex marriage. According to this article, she’s involved with some peculiar, backward religious organization called the Foundation for Moral Law that filed a brief with the Supreme Court.

The organization was founded by a man named Roy Moore. Here’s what his brilliant wife had to say.

“Now that Justice Kavanaugh has replaced Justice Kennedy, we hope that the Supreme Court will once again allow the states to recognize marriage for what it is: a union between one man and one woman for life,” she said.

You can check it all out, here. I’m sure we’ll hear more. The article doesn’t go into any details about how deeply involved Kim Davis might be, which is why I was careful to use the word alleged. But the fact that these people even did this is enough to warrant sarcasm.  

Male on Male Erotica is Highly Popular with Women

I could have told them this. A good deal of my own reader base revolves around straight women. And I think the dawn of e-books opened the reading world up to them completely. We can all now read male on male erotica on our phones or e-readers and no one will even know we’re doing this. It’s always been a very discreet genre, especially for women, which is perfectly understandable. 

Some of the statistics are interesting. Although, I have to admit that I do take issue with the fact that they don’t seem to know the difference between porn, erotica, or even erotic romance. I find that most women prefer erotic romance. In other words, they want a strong story to go along with the sex. But whenever articles like this get published they always seem to miss that highly important point. 

Chase of a Dream: ABRIDGED Version (Chase Series Book 2) by [Field, Ryan]An analysis of billions of hits to PornHub (one of the largest online porn sites in the world) shows that m/m is consistently the second most popular category for women visitors, and that women make up 37% of m/m porn viewers – suggesting that women represent viable secondary consumers of this type of porn. 

You can read the rest, here.  I don’t agree with everything in the article, but I do think it’s true for the most part. It’s just a little misguided in certain places, and a little amateur, but not by any means bad. For one thing, there’s a difference between erotica and porn and erotic romance. I proved this with my “Chase of a Dream” erotic gay romance by releasing it in two different versions. One is the unabridged edition that includes the sex scenes, and the other is the self-censored abridged version where I took all the sex scenes out and made it G-rated. I did that because I wanted to prove that you can remove the sex scenes from an erotic romance and still have a strong story line. With porn, it’s just sex. And from what I hear from women readers, the story and the romance is just as important as the sex. 

What readers are saying about “Uncertainty”


“A wonderful story that I loved. The characters were well developed, and strong. Gus: A sweet young man. Doing something for all the wrong reasons. Craig: his boyfriend, he’ll go along with anything Gus say. Henry: Gus father a no nonsense man, who’s husband died last year. I enjoyed this story.”

Uncertainty by [Field, Ryan]

What readers said about “Altered Parts”
“Best Gay Novel In Years. This story will stay with you and you will feel you know every character and the beauty of their home in the mountains of North Carolina.”

Altered Parts

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

What readers said about Kendle’s Fire. 

While the book is easily readable, it also addresses emotions stereotypes and relationships. I would have preferred it be 3 times as long and tragically most guys don’t find happy endings as depicted.. but in a short book, it provides food for thought, clarity and insight.. far more and better expressed than 99% of gay fiction . I don’t think it could have been done better.

Kendle's Fire by Ryan Field

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