Pete Buttigieg’s Healthcare Plan Would Save Money, Anti-Gay Rant Politician Apologizes and Wants To Go To Gay Bar Now, Ryan Field Books

Pete Buttigieg’s Healthcare Plan Would Save Money

Every single day I see Presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, facing homophobia that comes from every direction. It comes from the mainstream media mostly, and it’s usually passive aggressive. So whenever I see something positive I share.

“Mayor Buttigieg’s plan would reduce deficits by $450 billion,” according to CFRB, adding that the policy would also “increase gross spending by $2.85 trillion, reduce costs by $1.2 trillion, and raise $2.1 trillion through direct and additional offsets.”

It seems like accurate information. And, this is still history in the making. You can check the rest out here. 

Anti-Gay Rant Politician Apologizes and Wants To Go To Gay Bar Now

There’s a politician in the UK who gave an anti-gay rant last week, but after sitting down with local Pride organizers he changed his mind and he’s apologized. An apology from anyone straight is something you don’t see very often. 

“I just need to tell you, to members of the LGBT community and others, I owe you such a big apology and that is meant very sincerely, very sincerely indeed.

Notice. He didn’t say he ‘evolved’ like some politicians here in the US have said. He apologized and said he was wrong. That makes a difference. He even offered to go to a gay bar, to discuss and learn more, via Twitter. 

Here’s the link to the rest.  It’s really an odd story, but I do like the apology part. And I think it sounds sincere. 

 Reader Reviews for “Cage James”

“An amusing short story. As with any Ryan Field story I liked it a lot. I liked the character of Cage.”

“Well written and clever!”

Written by Lambda-Award winning author Ryan Field, A Starr Is Born is a queer retelling of an old rags to riches trope that’s been reinterpreted many times, but this time it’s totally different with gay main characters, a gay love story, and a gay male point of view. It’s partly a light-hearted parody and partly sarcasm. It’s also highly erotic and charged with authentic, emotional gay male romance.

From the day they meet for the first time until the day their lives change forever, Harrison Parker and Morton Starr were destined for greatness—and each other. A Starr is Born follows the paths of handsome, badly-behaving rock star Harrison Parker and sexy gender-bending performer Morton Starr, who is just starting his career.

Morton is so madly in love with his husband, Harrison, he’ll do anything to please him, including overlooking all his self-destructive issues. However, as openly gay Morton gains more fame and success in the mainstream with his popular gay love songs and his unique gender-bending image, and Harrison continues to slide downhill, there comes a point where everything has to change. And when that climax finally happens, Morton isn’t certain about anything in his future or his marriage.
A Starr is Born by [Field, Ryan]

The Straight Pride Parade: This is one night he’ll never forget! by [Field, Ryan ]

How to be a Good Gay Bottom 

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

The Rescuer

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