Pete Buttigieg Talks About Extremes, Man In Scotland Dies of AIDS, Ryan Field Books

Pete Buttigieg Talks About Extremes

If you like to win, and if you know anything about the silent majority and the swing voter, I think what Buttigieg said makes perfect sense. We see people all the time on social media who go to political extremes on the left and on the right and they always seem to be the loudest and most obnoxious. Everyone who’s considered part of the silent majority simply ignores these extremes… because they despise extremes and they don’t express their political opinions publicly.

With that said, Buttigieg recently warned against going to extremes on political issues, and for good solid reasons.

“The point that I’m making to voters, to the American people, is that I’m prepared to be the boldest president we’ve had in a half century when it comes to big reforms, big game-changing improvements and advancements in our access to health care, education and more,” he added. “And that there’s a way to do it. That we can actually unite Americans around rather than chasing for the most extreme idea.”

Here’s a link to more. They also discuss how other candidates going to extremes run the risk of losing many important voters in the next election. 

Man In Scotland Dies of AIDS

I tried to find more links to this story but I didn’t see anything other than this article. And it’s a little sketchy in the sense that a few things aren’t explained. It’s about a 25 year old guy in Scotland who was diagnosed late with HIV and he recently died as a result of full blown AIDS. That’s not something we see anymore, especially with HIV meds. 

I do know that if someone is diagnosed late with HIV and they are in full blown AIDS they can have bad reactions to HIV meds in the beginning. This is called IRIS…Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome…and it can be deadly sometimes. If you google IRIS you’ll find a lot of information out there. It’s complicated and I don’t want to say the wrong thing. But I have seen this happen to a friend in real life. I think this link at Wiki explains it well. 

However, there is no mention of IRIS with regard to the 25 year old guy in Scotland who recently died from AIDS related causes, and very little back story at all. It’s the overall point of getting tested that seems to be the main focus of the story, and rightly so.

“Having known Ross personally, I know that he would want nothing less than for anyone else to be in a similar position. It is incredibly important for anyone who may have been at risk of HIV to get tested and know their status.”

HIV is a manageable disease, but if you don’t get an early diagnosis and you wait until you go into full blown AIDS it can get a lot more complicated to handle. It can also, obviously, still be deadly.

Get tested.

Here’s the link to this one. 

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Sleepless in San Franciso

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“THIS TITLE sucked me right the heck in. I had my fingers, toes, and ankles crossed (not my eyes because I was desperate to read) that I would get the chance to review this book. I may or may not have breathed a literal sigh of relief when it arrived on my Kindle.”
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How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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