Jake Gyllenhaal Plays Gay Face, Again, John Barrowman Is Brought to Tears Watching Two Gay Men Skate, Gay Characters In Netflix’s "Dracula" Series, Ryan Field Books

Jake Gyllenhaal Plays Gay Face, Again

Years after playing a gay character, in a gay film that was based on a book by a straight author,  straight actor Gyllenhaal is doing it all over again…because he can. In those days, before gay marriage was legal, very few gay authors or actors were even recognized.

This time Gyllenhaal is playing the father of cartoonist, Alison Bechdel. I guess because they couldn’t find one single openly gay middle aged actor in Hollywood who could do this.

As much as the story centers on Alison’s development, it also focuses on the hidden life of her father, a closeted funeral director.
Here’s the link to read more.  I won’t be seeing this. Nowadays there is a great deal of good, authentic gay content out there, and that’s what I watch and read.
John Barrowman Is Brought to Tears Watching Two Gay Men Skate 
On a much nicer note, this story is authentic. It shows how far gay people have come since the days when Gyllenhaal played gay face the first time in the broken mountain movie. 
And we did it the hard way, especially the wonderful, openly gay, John Barrowman. He actually broke down in tears recently when Dancing on Ice made history by having a gay couple skate on TV. And this is something no straight person will ever understand, at least not the same way gay people will understand it. 
The sobbing new judge gave H from Steps and Matt Evers a standing ovation for their impressive dance on tonight’s launch show.
Here’s a link to the entire story. There are a few great photos. 

Gay Characters In Netflix’s “Dracula” Series

We just finished watching Netflix’s new series, “Dracula,” and I thought I’d post about a few gay characters that are part of the story. They are by no means major characters, but they are there and I thought they were done well. They really did just blend in naturally with the whole supernatural theme of the series, and it’s all very plain and simple. 

I liked the entire series, except for one thing. They try to humanize Dracula sometimes by analyzing things like why he’s afraid of the cross, or why he’s terrified of sunlight. I once had a bad editor try to explain to me why one of my vampire characters would feel pain if he lost an arm, and that kind of logic didn’t work for me then with the editor and it doesn’t work for me with Dracula as a character. The entire point of any story of the supernatural is that anything can happen and not everything needs an explanation. In other words, Dracula can’t go out in the sunlight because that’s just the way it is. I’m fine with that and I don’t need to humanize Dracula.

However, all that aside, it’s still a good series and I wasn’t disappointed. And strapping Claes Bang who plays Dracula is very hot. There’s one lengthy scene where he just shape-shifted and he’s naked for a long time. It’s not full frontal nudity, but it’s definitely enjoyable on the back end, so to speak.

Here’s a link to IMDb. 

The Straight Pride Parade: This is one night he’ll never forget! by [Field, Ryan ]
How to be a Good Gay Bottom 

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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