What Is "Call-Out Culture" and Call-In Culture; Gay Adult Film Star Macanao Torres Dies At 35; The Rainbow Detective Agency by Ryan Field

What Is “Call-Out Culture” and Call-In Culture

A lot of people don’t know about this so I figured I’d post a few things just to give a few basic examples. Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of Call-Out Culture unless it’s an absolute last resort. I’ve seen too much of this kind of thing online over the years with writers groups and it eventually becomes toxic. But I also believe that there are times when it works. Nothing is that definite anymore.

With the said, here’s a basic definition from Wiki. I know you Wiki snobs will sneer, but I like truncated versions sometimes and Wiki always seems to be the best source for that.

Call-out culture (also known as outrage culture) is a form of public shaming that aims to hold individuals and groups accountable for their actions by calling attention to behavior that is perceived to be problematic, usually on social media

Here’s the link to this one. 

Now, here’s something about what “Call-In” means. It’s different than Call-Out Culture because some people believe it’s not as toxic.

call-in, on the other hand, is when you talk with someone privately about their behavior (or, you wait to talk in person), and is considered a less reactionary route to work through conflict, according to The Consent Crew. 

Here’s the link for this. 

Personally, I prefer the Call-In approach…for the most part. I think you can accomplish a lot more, and do it in a more civil manner. However, there are also times when the proverbial shit has to hit the proverbial fan, and that’s when you need to them Call-Out, in public.

Gay Adult Film Star Macanao Torres Dies At 35

I always hate posting about things like this, partly because it’s so sad and partly because it seems to happen so often in the adult entertainment industry. But there are extenuating circumstances with this story.

Macanao Torres, a Spanish gay adult performer who worked with numerous studios over the years, died by suicide at his home in Murcia, Spain on December 29. He was 35 years old.

Here’s a link to read more. The article goes on to mention that he had a rare form of lymphoma.

May he RIP.

The Rainbow Detective Agency by Ryan Field  

I’ve had a few e-mails lately about my Rainbow Detective Agency series and I thought I’d post again about it here. The first book in the series, the one with the yellow cover and the cat (there’s a cat in the book), was originally pubbed with a romance publisher and when the rights were reverted back to me I re-pubbed it with Ryan Field Press and created the entire series. Each book is a stand alone and can be read separately. They are all gay romances and all have very happy endings.

From an earlier post…

The Rainbow Detective Agency Series:

The Rainbow Detective Agency – Book 1

The Rainbow Detective Agency – L’uomo Magico – Book 2

The Rainbow Detective Agency – A Guy With Two Penises – Book 3

The Rainbow Detective Agency – On Fleek – Book 4

The Rainbow Detective Agency – The Scottish Duke – Book 6

The Rainbow Detective Agency – The Wedding – Book 7

Update: Rainbow Detective Agency – Saying Goodbye – Book 8

The book numbers in this series get confusing because there’s a box set, which Amazon considers “Book 4” in the series. That also means you get 4 books for the price of 1. The list above is the accurate version, not what you see listed on Amazon. All these books are also on Smashwords. 

The Rainbow Detective Agency: Saying Goodbye: Book 8The Rainbow Detective Agency: A Guy With Two Penises: Book 3The Rainbow Detective Agency: Rancho Mirage: Book 9The Rainbow Detective Agency: Book 1


The Rainbow Detective Agency: The Scottish Duke: Book 6The Rainbow Detective Agency: Box Set: Books 1 to 4

The Rainbow Detective Agency: The Wedding: Book 7

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