Romance Writers of America Controversy Goes Mainstream; Would You Ever Date A Disabled Gay Guy? Ryan Field Books

Romance Writers of America Controversy Goes Mainstream

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this controversy in the 20 plus years I’ve worked in the publishing industry. What’s been happening with RWA (Romance Writers of America) and author, Courtney Milan, has hit the mainstream in full force. And rightly so.

RWA’s board of directors determined that Milan had “engaged in conduct injurious” to the organization, and that she would be suspended from the group for a year, and barred for life from holding a leadership position.

Here’s a link to read the rest. As I’ve said before, I don’t know Milan personally, but I have seen her comments on social media over the years through retweets and comments from people I follow. And I know for a fact, as this article states, that Milan has always been an advocate for diversity and inclusion. 

I’ll update with another post because this is still ongoing.

Would You Ever Date A Disabled Gay Guy?

One of my favorite streaming TV shows, Special, with adorable Ryan O’Connell, focuses on a young gay man with cerebral palsy. Here’s a link.  It’s an excellent show, O’Connell is brilliant and talented and cute, and you should watch it.

“I was in the closet about being gay, and then I was in the closet about being disabled, and now…no more closets,” O’Connell declares in the trailer. 

With that said, I’m linking to another article right now that talks about dating guys with disabilities. But there’s an interesting twist. It’s coming from the POV of a disabled guy, and whether or not he would ever date someone with a disability.

Up until that interview, the question of dating someone like me never crossed my mind. I just always assumed I would date someone who wasn’t disabled. Any alternative scenario never seemed like it would ever become a reality. I was enough of a burden, I would tell myself. Why date someone else who was disabled?

You can check this out, here.  It’s a good read. 

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