Irish Footballer's Naughty X-Rated Video; The Horrors of Being Gay In Nigeria; Ryan Field Books

Irish Footballer’s Naughty X-Rated Video

Apparently, this is one of the stories from 2019 they decided to re-post on Queerty. 
A footballer from Northern Ireland named Gavin Whyte had an explicit video out with adult content last year that caused a few heads to turn. It almost got him into trouble with the law, but not big trouble. 
Frankly, I don’t think it’s all that bad. Just a little harmless fun. 
Here’s the link to more. I love the Scally Lad comment at the end. 
The Horrors of Being Gay In Nigeria
I see a lot of political posts on social media, from liberals and conservatives. They’re always out there shouting how they want to save the world, but they never do anything except promote their own personal agendas. They either love Bernie, or they love Trump. But I never, EVER see any of them comment on what’s happening to gay people in hideous backward countries like Nigeria. Not once. 
And this is wrong. 
 Five years ago, the Nigerian government signed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, essentially banning gay relationships.
You can read more, here, and there’s a video explaining what it’s like to be gay in Nigeria. It’s from the BBC, which I always believe to be one of the more accurate news sources out there. 

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