People Who Dislike Pete Buttigieg and Passive Aggressive Homophobia; 1970s Forgotten Gay Magazine: "Michael’s Thing"; Ryan Field Books

People Who Dislike Pete Buttigieg and Passive Aggressive Homophobia

First, I like Pete Buttigieg and if I can I’m going to support him in the primaries. I never thought I would live to see an openly gay married man running for President, and being taken seriously, and you can be damn sure I’m not taking that lightly. The gay guy this time has my support.

With that said, here’s an article about why some people dislike Buttigieg. Of course I believe there’s a certain amount of passive aggressive homophobia and discrimination across the board with people who dislike Buttigieg, but no one’s ever going to admit that. I think many people coming from straight white privilege don’t know what it’s like to be openly gay. They don’t mind seeing us on Will and his Grace as the clowns and court jesters. But don’t let the gay guy be taken too seriously. I’ve seen it all my life.

“Young educated liberals look at Buttigieg and see a nauseating caricature, not of the person they are, or even the person they wanted to be, but of the person they’ve felt pressured to emulate but never quite became — an outcome they regard with tortured ambivalence.”  

Here’s the link for more.  I also like Buttigieg because I think he can win. These so-called young educated liberals have no idea what it was like for gay men. Not a damn clue. Just the fact that Pete Buttigieg is even in a debate is HUGE. Oh yes, he’s got my vote. 

1970s Forgotten Gay Magazine: “Michael’s Thing”

Of course I can’t remember this, but I sure would love to get my hands on a copy. It’s a gay magazine from the 1970s called Michael’s Thing. And it looks as if it’s spilling over with gay culture from that time period. 

“Michael Giammetta published Michael’s Thing between 1970-2000 as a guide to cultural and social happenings of the GLTB community. It was the one of the main and most reliable sources of information. It also was a handy guide to the most important institutions of the early days of liberation, the gay bar.”

Here’s the link to read more. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom 

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

The Rescuer
The Straight Pride Parade: This is one night he’ll never forget! by [Field, Ryan ]

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