Gay Couple Win Denmark's Dancing With the Stars; Church of Sweden's Queer Affirming Paradise Display; Ryan Field Books

Gay Couple Win Denmark’s Dancing With the Stars

One of the taboos still in existence for gay couples is showing any signs of emotion in public. This could include anything from holding hands to dancing together. It doesn’t have to be sexual. But it is getting better, at least it is in Denmark.

A same-sex dance couple have made history by winning Denmark’s TV show, Vild med Dans. The show is its version of Dancing With The Stars.

You can read more here

Church of Sweden’s Queer Affirming Paradise Display

I like stories like this because it shows that LGBTQ Christians do exist. In other words, religion and faith is NOT just for the right wing conservatives who don’t want to bake cakes for gay weddings.

The Church of Sweden recently displayed a painting that depicts LGBTQ followers of God, and they’re standing around in heaven.

The artwork, “Paradiset” by Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, was unveiled on Sunday by the  St Paul’s church in Malmö, which released a statement through MyNewsDesk praising the inclusivity displayed.

Here’s the link, and there’s a photo

The Straight Pride Parade: This is one night he’ll never forget! by [Field, Ryan ]

How to be a Good Gay Bottom 

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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