A Gay Man Named Lem Billings Was President Kennedy's Best Friend; Struggle To Make a Movie About Joey Stefano; Ryan Field Books

A Gay Man Named Lem Billings Was President Kennedy’s Best Friend

I’ve read tons of biographies and memoirs about both President Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy and the same names come up in all the books. And one of those names is Lem Billings. But there are never any details about Lem Billings, and yet he was one of President Kennedy’s closest friends. They met each other in boarding school and remained lifelong friends until the day Kennedy was shot. At first I found it odd that Billings wasn’t mentioned in more detail in any of the books, until I discovered something interesting about him.

Billings was considered “homosexual” back in those days. There was no such thing as an openly gay man, and the word gay wasn’t even used as it is today. And anything that was even remotely related to “homosexuality” in those days was hidden, pushed to the background, and never ever discussed aloud. Biographers still do this today by going dead silent on people like Lem Billings, and they don’t even realize that by going silent they are only promoting more shame. It’s not about labels. It’s about telling the truth.

However, there is some information about Lem Billings out there. It’s just not information you’ll hear about in the mainstream.

Friends from the 1970s confirmed that Billings was homosexual, but not open to discussing it. In 2006, looking back to the Kennedy Administration, Ben Bradlee said: “I suppose it’s known that Lem was gay….It impressed me that Jack had gay friends.”

Well, JFK didn’t really have gay friends. He had a friend who was a closeted homosexual. There’s a difference. 

And there’s this…

Though there has never been any proof of homosexual activity between them, John F. Kennedy would often, and even when married, share a bedroom with Billings.

You can read more about this, here. It’s wiki, but I usually find wiki to be accurate. I don’t care who disagrees with me on that. I find it accurate in the sense that I don’t usually find a slant or a spin. It’s objective. 

There’s also a book titled, Jack and Lem: John F. Kennedy and Lem Billings: The Untold Story of an Extraordinary Friendship, that I recently discovered. I haven’t read it yet, but I will very soon.

Here’s another link, too.  There are many things that mention Lem Billings, but not many that mention him being gay. And yet everyone at the time seemed to know he was.

I just have this feeling that life could not have been easy for Lem Billings, not by any means, and I want to know more about him.

Struggle To Make a Movie About Joey Stefano

I’ve posted about the classic gay porn icon, Joey Stefano, several times on this web site. The posts date back to 2013 and I was glad to see this follow up. When I knew Joey Stefano very briefly in the 1990s I never thought I’d be posting about him now in 2019. I met him in a club in New Jersey where he was stripping that night. Stefano, whose real name was Nick Iacona, was from Chester, PA, which is in the Philadelphia area where I live. 

This article is about Chad Darnell’s quest to finish a movie about Stefano. It’s been 18 years and Darnell is still working on it. Funding seems to be a huge issue. But overall it’s a good story about determination and the quest to finish a project that often seems impossible to finish. 

At one point in 2018, we had a “Joey” lead officially on the hook. I was ecstatic. His agents were ecstatic because he hadn’t taken any film roles since he started his successful series. The day we were going to make the announcement, they emailed he had cold feet and was scared about getting the role wrong.

You can read the whole thing, here. If you’re not familiar with Joey Stefano, there are a few photos. 

 The Straight Pride Parade: This is one night he’ll never forget! by [Field, Ryan ]
How to be a Good Gay Bottom 

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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