Gay Dad Who Left His Husband For Daughter’s Boyfriend Is Having Kids Now; Gay Russian Forced Into Hiding After YouTube Interview: Ryan Field Books

Gay Dad Who Left His Husband For Daughter’s Boyfriend Is Having Kids Now

Well this is something that made me look twice. Obviously, it can happen.

It’s the story of two very wealthy gay dads from the UK who gained recognition 20 years ago because they wanted to be legally recognized as joint parents. I honestly don’t remember them at all, but it sounds as if they were very well known. There’s a lot of back story that’s worth reading, with respect to gay couples having kids and raising families.

Just like any other heteronormative couple, over the years the two gay dads faced certain challenges, and their lives and circumstances changed.

However, last week it was revealed that one of the dads, Barrie, 50, had decided to split with husband, Tony, 55, after falling head over heels for the ex-boyfriend of his 19-year-old daughter, Saffron. The two men had been together for 32 years.

It’s actually not a negative story. You can read it all, here.

Oh, and there are comments. You could probably skip them and not miss much this time.

Gay Russian Forced Into Hiding After YouTube Interview

On the global front, things continue to remain complicated for LGBTQ people in Russia, especially with that ridiculous ‘gay propaganda’ law.

A gay Russian man is in hiding after Russian authorities opened a criminal case over a YouTube video in which he was interviewed by children, a case that has drawn attention from human-rights activists.

Here’s the link. According to this link, the entire interview is G-rated, there’s no talk of sex, and all they do is talk about what it’s like to be gay in a general sense. Now they want to lock him up. 

 The Straight Pride Parade: This is one night he’ll never forget! by [Field, Ryan ]
How to be a Good Gay Bottom 

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

The Rescuer

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