More ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ Once Again; Surviving Conversion Therapy and Embracing Queerness; Ryan Field Books

More ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ Once Again

This is one of those movies and books that I absolutely refuse to watch or read, and it never seems to go away. I’m not getting into my own personal opinions. Instead, I’ve linked below to several reviews I’ve found helpful.

However, the straight male author who wrote the first story is now promoting a sequel, because obviously one just wasn’t enough. 

Titled Find Me, the story picks up 10 years after the first story, and finds Elio dating an older man named Michael. Oliver has married a woman and their union is on the rocks as he dotes over his love for Elio. Elio’s father Sami also has a significant role in the book, as he engages in an affair with a younger woman.

For all I know it might be the best story ever told, however, it’s NOT a gay romance. It’s a heteronormative book written by a straight male author, with gay content. There is a difference.

Here the link to more. 

And, here’s one review from the New Yorker. 

The elision of the characters’ mental lives renders “Call Me by Your Name” thin and empty, renders it sluggish; the languid pace of physical action is matched by the languid pace of ideas, and the result is an enervating emptiness.

Here’s one from The Boston Globe

“Call Me by Your Name” isn’t about an older man and a younger man. It falsely romanticizes an exploitative relationship between a grown man and a teenager. These manipulative relationships cause lasting damage, as I know from my own experience.

This review refers to it as the straightest gay movie ever. 

What would happen if all gay teens discovered their sexuality without a conflict with family and social milieu? ‘Call Me by Your Name’ depicts such a scenario – and it’s pretty dull

There are more reviews similar to these with a simple search.

Surviving Conversion Therapy and Embracing Queerness

Now here’s an LGBTQ story that’s relevant and genuine. It’s a personal piece written by someone who has been through all kinds of fresh heteronormative hells…even conversion therapy. And yet they still come out with a strong, bright spirit. Their name is Seth Owen and I highly recommend reading this, in full. 

I’ve heard my family disparage queer folks for as long as I can remember. My mom and grandma would call people like me “funny” — that was their word for it — and would scrunch their faces the same way I do when I eat broccoli. My dad would scream “faggot!” at the TV.

Here’s the link. This is the kind of real, genuine LGBTQ content that inspires me.  

 The Straight Pride Parade: This is one night he’ll never forget! by [Field, Ryan ]
How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

The Rescuer

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