I Wish Colton Haynes Could Play the Lead In A STARR Is Born; Olympic Medalist Kerron Clement Comes Out As Gay; Journalist Leslie Roberts Comes Out As Gay

I Wish Colton Haynes Could Play the Lead In A STARR Is Born

A Starr is Born by [Field, Ryan]This is only my wishful thinking. I know the reality is that it won’t ever happen. But when my publisher, Riverdale Ave Books in New York, asked me to write this parody of A Star Is Born the moment I started it I thought of Colton Haynes. And I really don’t even know that much about Haynes. I just think it’s something he could do, as an openly gay actor, and he could own this main character. I didn’t even choose the cover of this book. The cover artist at Riverdale came up with it and he sent it to me for approval. I knew it was perfect the instant I opened the e-mail. It even looks a little like Colton Haynes, which was totally unplanned.

I’m also seeing so many positive comments about Billy Porter playing Cinderella that I’d like to see more gender bending lead roles in films (and books) where openly LGBTQ actors get a chance at something big, too.

In any event, I do think we’ll be seeing more films with more LGBTQ content, but I’m just not sure if the world is ready for a gay parody/version of a heteronormative story like A Star Is Born. But sometimes it’s nice to dream, too. (Smile)

Here’s a link to A Starr Is Born

Olympic Medalist Kerron Clement Comes Out As Gay

People from all walks of life continue to come out as LGBTQ+ and I never get tired of reading about them. It just proves what I’ve been saying here on this web site for the last ten years: that we can’t even begin to imagine how many closeted LGBTQ people there still are. And I believe more will be coming out in the future. In this particular case Kerron Clement came out on National Coming Out Day.

“I have been through what a lot of people have been through which is being afraid of being who you are,” he said. “I struggled with my sexuality for 17 years. Over time, as you get older, you care less. Now it’s time to just be yourself and be free. That’s what I’ve become, free.”

Here’s a link to the rest. 

Journalist Leslie Roberts Comes Out As Gay

Here’s another story about a journalist in Canada on a morning program who came out as gay on National Coming Out Day. I guess it was National Coming Out Day in Canada, too, but I’m not totally sure about that. 

Though he has been out privately for years, Roberts said he never came out publicly because of the way some work colleagues reacted when he told them in 1989: “I was married at the time. I had a young daughter. And the first thing everybody said was this is career suicide. This will not connect with the viewers. This will mean the end of your career in television. Things have changed.”

Here’s more. Sadly, his story is similar to many, many others. At least he can come out now.

It’s also interesting to me because I always wonder if anyone actually comes out on National Coming Out Day. Apparently, they do. 

 How to be a Good Gay Bottom
How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

The Rescuer

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