Gender Bending Cosplay At New York Comic Con; Michelle Obama’s Relationship With George Bush; Ryan Field Books

Gender Bending Cosplay At New York Comic Con

I’m seeing so much of this lately, and I think it’s about time. The pressure mainstream society has put on men and women to conform to certain gender specific restrictions is finally about ready to explode. Oh, it’s still out there. I see it a lot on Facebook from older people who feel threatened by a straight man wearing nail polish or lipstick, or a straight woman wearing men’s clothing. But younger people are embracing this new attitude, and it’s a pleasure to see.

A Starr is Born by [Field, Ryan]In particular, we were thrilled to see all of the gender-fluid interpretations, like the male Captain Marvel (above). Everybody knows Captain Marvel is a female superhero whose DNA was altered by radiation that gave her super powers, named Carol Danvers. And he looks great!

You can check this one out, here. In my own recent book, A Starr Is Born, I did something very similar with a gender bending main character, which should be obvious from the cover photo. Even though my character does identify as a gay man, he prefers to follow his own rules when it comes to anything gender specific.

 Michelle Obama’s Relationship With George Bush

The morning after the 2000 presidential elections I woke up to a local newspaper headline that said Al Gore had won the election and George Bush had lost. I’d voted for Gore, and I’d supported him, so I was thrilled. And then hours later I heard that Gore really didn’t win. Well, we all know how that turned out. I didn’t support Bush in 2004 either, for obvious reasons. I’m gay. 

With that said, I am shocked by the way people are treating Ellen this week because she has a friendly relationship with former President Bush. I haven’t seen this kind of vitriol in a long time. And I thought this article about Michelle Obama was wonderful. 

Last year, Mrs. Obama, a noted LGBTQ ally, famously called George W. “a wonderful man” and said “I love him to death” on the TODAY show.
Here’s the link to more. I agree with Ellen and Michelle, and I think there’s a lesson in humanity to be learned here. I’ve never been a Bush supporter and I never will be, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t sit down next him and have a friendly conversation. 
How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

The Rescuer

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