RuPaul’s Comments On Trans People; Schitt’s Creek 6th Season Premiere Date; Ryan Field Books

RuPaul’s Comments On Trans People

I’m just seeing this myself. RuPaul made a few comments, allegedly about trans people doing drag, and now he says they are being taken out of context. 

Asked by the Sunday Times whether he still holds the view that drag cannot be done by women, cis or trans, RuPaul replied, “Why are people obsessed with that question?” and complained that his quote was taken “so out of context”.

You can check this out here.  

Schitt’s Creek 6th Season Premiere Date

I love this show, and I have loved it from the first season. The comedy is excellent, the gay characters are portrayed well, and you actually care about all the characters. That’s good writing. If you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend it enough. 

For anyone afraid that life just doesn’t feel Schitty enough, have no fear: broadcaster Pop TV has announced Schitt’s Creek will return for a sixth and final season in January.
The acclaimed sitcom, which garnered four Emmy nominations earlier this year, follows the misadventures of a once-wealthy family as they try to recover after losing their fortune. 

Here’s a link.  The only problem with Schitt’s Creek is that after you’ve binge watched one season, everything else on TV looks like crap. It’s a tough act to follow. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

The Rescuer

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