Ironic: Saturday Night Live Fires Shane Gillis; The Day A Gay Podcaster Met a Gay Conversion Therapist; Ryan Field Books

Ironic: Saturday Night Live Fires Shane Gillis

One of the reasons why I never watched Saturday Night Live was because I always found it to be a homophobic TV show with homophobic comedy. I’m not the only one. There have been plenty of articles written about this over the years. Here’s one about a gay Scrooge scene.  

Saturday Night Live also celebrates creatures like Alec Baldwin who have been called out for homophobia in public, loudly and clearly. Here’s more about that.  I’m not making this up. I’m only linking to sources.

With all that said, I find this latest move to fire Shane Gillis ironic and hypocritical.

Comic Shane Gillis will not join the cast of the new season of Saturday Night Life as previously announced. Producers for the show have cited homophobic and racist remarks made by Gillis during a podcast last year.

And so it goes. At least this is the way it goes in the entertainment industry. I can’t wait to see who’s going to play gay face next. And you know it will happen. 

Here’s the link. 

The Day A Gay Podcaster Met a Gay Conversion Therapist

Here’s a different take on a topic that’s always in the headlines these days. It’s about gay conversion therapy. And this one is very eye opening in many respects because it’s so different. For one thing, the so-called therapist this podcaster met with isn’t even a real doctor or therapist. For another thing, I had no idea there were this many people out there trying to make gay people straight.  

James Barr co-hosts the podcast A Gay and a Non-Gay with his (non-gay) friend Dan Hudson (right). The pair travelled to Northern Ireland for From Gay to Non-Gay? – a three-part BBC podcast series in which they meet people who have been through so-called gay “conversion therapy”. You can download it here on BBC Sounds.

Here’s a link to the rest. It’s long-ish but well worth the read. This is why I love the Internet. You wouldn’t get anything like this from the mainstream media. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

The Rescuer

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