Gay Guys Talk About Hooking Up With Twins; Homophobia In Football; Ryan Field Books

Gay Guys Talk About Hooking Up With Twins

This topic has been something I’ve been hearing for years. In fact, it’s almost like an obsession for some people. It’s a Reddit thread where gay guys discuss hooking up with twin brothers.

“I had a regular hookup on Grindr, [and] then his twin brother messaged me about hooking up, so I did,” the guy explained on Reddit. “I let him know I knew his brother, but he didn’t seem to mind.”

Here’s the link. Most make it clear they aren’t interested in a threesome with twins. You also have to take into consideration that it’s Reddit.

Homophobia In Football

According to this source, reports are now stating that homophobia in football has risen. The report comes from a recent study.

Darryl Telles, author of We’re Queer and We Should Be Here, has experienced homophobia in football over the last 40 years of being a loyal openly gay Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

However, even though he says this, he also claims it’s gotten better, too, since the Football offences Act in 1991. It goes into a lot more detail, and talks about having openly gay football players. There’s still a lot of homophobia and racism out there. 

Here’s the link to this one. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

The Rescuer

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