Not All Gay Guys Are Into Straight Guys; Saying Goodbye To the Gay Gene Theory; Ryan Field Books

Not All Gay Guys Are Into Straight Guys

This has always been an age old discussion from what I can remember. I’ve heard it with groups of friends, I’ve seen it online, and I’ve even seen those ridiculous ‘studies’ done about it. So here’s a link to a piece about a gay guy who isn’t into straight guys. It’s from Reddit, but I think it shows how not all gay men are alike. We tend to get that label…that we’re all the same. And we’re clearly not.

“Am I the only one who isn’t turned on by this at all?” he asked his fellow r/askgaybros Reddit users. “I can’t imagine being with a guy like this. I want someone to be into my body, my hard d*ck, my beard, my deep voice, my masculine energy… just everything.”

Here’s a link for more. I tend to think that most people…gay or straight…are usually into certain types of people. In other words, I had an uncle who was married and divorced 4 times, and each woman he married looked almost identical. They were always the same type. And I don’t even think he realized he was doing that.

Saying Goodbye To the Gay Gene Theory

This really is big news, and I’ve seen it trending everywhere. So here’s another link to something about the gay gene.

One finding which is particularly sensitive is that same-sex sexual behaviour was positively genetically correlated with several psychiatric or mental health traits like depression and schizophrenia. It was not clear why – environmental factors like stigma could be responsible.

Here’s more. Frankly, I think there’s still more to all this and they need to keep researching. They’re missing something. 

How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]

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