The LGBTQ Story Line In Netflix’s "Glow"; Katharine McPhee Defends Her Age Gap Marriage; Ryan Field Books

The LGBTQ Story Line In Netflix’s “Glow”

Earlier this week I posted about male full frontal nudity on the Netflix streaming series, Glow. I also raved about how much I love the show and the characters.

I’m reaching the end of season 3 and last night they brought out a stronger LGBTQ story line. And because the show is retro and set in the 1980s, I found a few things interesting.

First, there’s a character who plays a drag entertainer who’s excellent. He sings with his own voice, and you can tell he’s a total professional. Second, on last night’s show part of the story revolved around some kind of gay ‘underground’ AIDS fundraiser they were having. Of course that’s accurate because there were all kinds of AIDS fundraisers in the 1980s. But there was one thing I had to question: why was the AIDS fundraiser considered ‘underground?’

I’ll admit that I was just a kid in the 80s and I wasn’t going out to gay bars yet, but I do remember being totally aware of the fact that gay people back then were coming out, or they were out as openly gay. Unlike the way things were prior to the Stonewall riots in the 1960s, I don’t actually recall any gay bars being considered underground, or hearing about any gay bars being raided. In other words, gay bars were pretty common around here by then and they weren’t really considered ‘underground’ bars. Now maybe things were different in Las Vegas back then? I don’t know anything about gay life in Vegas in the 80s so that might be the reason why the AIDS fundraiser was treated as an ‘underground’ event on Glow.

Here’s an article about ‘underground’ gay club culture in the 70s in WeHo. I just don’t recall anything ever being considered ‘underground’ here in the New York and Northern New Jersey area in the 80s.

There’s also a scene in Glow where one of the main characters decides to have a gay sexual experience. I’m not giving spoilers, but it’s actually a great scene. So aside from everything, I love the show and I think the LGBTQ story line works well within the context of the entire show. I highly recommend Glow even more now.

Here’s more about Glow on wiki. 

Katharine McPhee Defends Her Age Gap Marriage 

This week I got into a heated discussion with a few people on Twitter about gay age gap marriages and I wound up blocking them all. Frankly, I don’t care about their opinions. I’d commented on an article in a LGBTQ Tweet about a gay couple where one was much older than the other, and the Christians went berserk. And my comment was from my own personal experience in knowing more than a few successful long term gay relationships where the age gap in some cases spanned over 30 years. In fact, every single gay couple I’ve ever known with an age gap remained together for the rest of their lives. And when one of them died, the other usually passed away within a year. I’ve also known many straight couples with successful age gap marriages.

So I’m with Katharine McPhee on this one.

McPhee, 35, married music mega-producer David Foster, 69, in June 2019, and McPhee has publicly discussed her desire for the couple to have children. Needless to say, their marriage and family plans have become bigger gossip than other celebrity couples with less of an age gap.

You can read it in full, here. I love social media, but the worst thing about it is that everyone seems to think we all care about their unsolicited opinions. I don’t. I sometimes offer a comment on a Tweet and then I move on. If you don’t like my comment, you can just move on, too. I’m not interested in your opinions or having a discussion with you.

 How to be a Good Gay Bottom

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]
The Rescuer

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