Brand New Release: ‘How To Be a Good Gay Bottom’ by Ryan Field; Dating Apps Make Social Lives Worse; Ryan Field Books

Brand New Release: ‘How To Be a Good Gay Bottom’ by Ryan Field

How to Be a Good Gay Bottom by [Field, Ryan]Here’s my newest release, How To Be a Good Gay Bottom. It’s a novel and there’s nothing clinical about it. It’s a gay romance with a different kind of story line. Of course there’s a happy ending but it’s not easy getting there. Paul is so terrified of having anal sex it totally consumes his life.

I’ll post a few free excerpts very soon, but for now here is the back cover copy. And there’s a link below.

While minding his own business at Tea Dance one Sunday afternoon, Paul stumbles across a handsome young openly gay politician named Gordon. Although Paul isn’t actively looking for a relationship and he doesn’t even like politics, in spite of his own misgivings he can’t deny his attraction. 

For one thing, Paul is a gay virgin who has never had anal sex with anyone. He’s not only terrified of anal sex he doesn’t even know how to be a gay bottom. There’s also the fact that Gordon is running for Governor as an openly gay man, and Paul absolutely despises the dirty business of politics.

And yet Paul continues to see Gordon, because there’s something decent about Gordon he can’t ignore. Gordon makes him feel like the kind of man he’s always wanted to be, and that alone is worth all the obstacles that stand in his way. Though Paul is not certain he’ll ever get used to Gordon’s political ambitions, and he has no idea whether Gordon will be elected governor, he is determined to learn how to be a good gay bottom, and he will let nothing stand in his way to get there.

It will be available in e-book or print. Here’s a link to Amazon

Dating Apps Make Social Lives Worse

I have no clue as to what dating apps are like, so it’s all news to me. But I am curious about them from a cultural POV. I think most of the people I know use them and it’s become a way of life. 

A new online dating survey has data to support what many of us who use apps already knew: in some people, they can stir social anxiety and loneliness.

I think it’s interesting. You can read it all at this link. 

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