Cover Reveal: How To Be a Good Gay Bottom; Disabled Bisexual Fitness Model Inspires Others; Ryan Field Books

New Release Cover Reveal: How To Be a Good Gay Bottom

How To Be a Good Gay Bottom is not a clinical book and it’s not trying to be one, however, I wrote this book because I wanted to create a gay character who is absolutely terrified of anal sex so much that it consumes his entire life. People automatically think all gay men just get right into anal intercourse as if it’s our birthright, however, nothing could be more distant from the truth. It’s a lot more complicated for most of us.

So here’s a cover reveal, and here’s a blurb. It should be coming out soon and I’ll post links when I get them.

I’ve posted a free excerpt from this book already, here. 

Book Description –How to Be a Good Gay Bottom
While minding his own business at Tea Dance one Sunday afternoon, Paul stumbles across a handsome young openly gay politician named Gordon. Although Paul isn’t actively looking for a relationship and he doesn’t even like politics, in spite of his own misgivings he can’t deny his attraction.

For one thing, Paul is a gay virgin who has never had anal sex with anyone. He’s not only terrified of anal sex he doesn’t even know how to be a gay bottom. There’s also the fact that Gordon is running for Governor as an openly gay man, and Paul absolutely despises the dirty business of politics.

And yet Paul continues to see Gordon, because there’s something decent about Gordon he can’t ignore. Gordon makes him feel like the kind of man he’s always wanted to be, and that alone is worth all the obstacles that stand in his way. Though Paul is not certain he’ll ever get used to Gordon’s political ambitions, and he has no idea whether Gordon will be elected governor, he is determined to learn how to be a good gay bottom, and he will let nothing stand in his way to get there.

Disabled Bisexual Fitness Model Inspires Others

This story is inspiring. It’s real. It’s about a great guy who’s overcome obstacles and who hopes he can now motivate others to do the same.

Lucas describes himself as “different.” He was born with one arm and identifies as bisexual. This often made him feel like an outsider growing up.

Throughout his teenage years, he struggled with accepting his sexuality, grappling with whether he was attracted to guys or girls or both.

You can check it out, here. There are some excellent photos of Lucas.

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