Gay Star News Shutters Due To ‘Rainbow Washing’; Gay Teen Boys Go To Prom Together; Gay Footballer Andy Brennan Is Glad He Came Out As Gay; Ryan Field Books

Gay Star News Shutters Due To ‘Rainbow Washing’

I have been a huge supporter of Gay Star News since they launched. I’ve read them, I’ve linked to them, and I have endlessly tried to promote them in my own small humble way. I did this because I liked the content and because I knew I was getting LGBTI content from LGBTI sources. In other words, they weren’t a non-gay press exploiting our culture or our news for clickbait during Pride Month. They were authentic.

Unfortunately, they’ve announced that they will be shuttering. And that’s partly because of tokenism and ‘rainbow washing.’ This is ‘rainbow washing.’ Many of us don’t even realize it’s happening until someone points it out to us. I saw this happening the entire month of June.

Rainbow-washing allows people, governments, and corporations that don’t do tangible work to support LGBTQ+ communities at any other time during the year to slap a rainbow on top of something in the month of June and call it allyship. 

Here’s a link to more.  This is why I’m always cautious with the word ‘ally.’ 

And here’s one of the reasons why GSN is shuttering, in their own words. 

Rather than working with us to engage and serve LGBTI people year round, many have chosen to ‘rainbow wash’. They have turned their logo rainbow colored for Pride week or month and – at best – made a small donation to an LGBTI good cause. Worst still, we have learned that some brands have done this while at the same time funding anti-LGBTI politicians to the tune of millions of dollars. Tokenism has reached a new low.

Here’s the link to this article. I highly suggest reading it because I foresee more of this to come. As long as we let it happen it’s not going to stop either. 

Gay Teen Boys Go To Prom Together 

I never get tired of seeing these stories and I think that’s because it’s still not something that’s been completely normalized. I took a girl to my prom and I faked being straight. I can’t say I had a terrible time. The girl was great and we actually had a great time. But frankly, I would much rather have taken her brother and spent the night making out and having car sex like all the straight kids.

And I’m certain there are still teens like me out there who are faking it like I once did, so this story is still inspiring.

Michael Martin and Logan Westrope, gay teens from West Virginia, are here to make sure your Monday gets off to a heartwarming start. The couple went to Martin’s senior prom together last year and photos of their big night are taking the web by storm again.

Here’s the rest. There’s a very nice photo.

Gay Footballer Andy Brennan Is Glad He Came Out As Gay

I’ve always maintained a firm stand with regard to coming out as gay. I believe no one should ever be forced into doing it and they should do it when they feel ready. Every gay man in the closet has different circumstances. But I’ve also always said that I’ve never once seen a gay man regret coming out of the closet. Not once. It’s always a relief.

Here’s proof that it’s a relief:

“The reaction has been amazing, I haven’t had one negative comment. That was something I feared a lot with everyone I told, but everyone – team-mates, family, friends – has been amazing. I’ve had no problems with opposition fans either, everyone’s been really supportive. The way it’s affected my life has been only positive, it’s been so much better.”

He’s absolutely correct. Here’s more. 

If anyone’s reading this and thinking about coming out as gay, the ironic thing is that while you’re internalizing this and agonizing over it, which is perfectly normal for you to do, most people already suspect that you are gay. I’ve seen it all my life. I have a nephew and a niece who came out as gay and I knew long before they made the announcement. I knew it was just a matter of time for both of them. But they had to do it on their terms.

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