The ‘Twinning Grooms’ Story: When Gay Couples Resemble Twins; Queer Eye’s Jonathan Was Tormented In School With the Gay F Word; Ryan Field Books

The “Twinning Grooms’ Story: When Gay Couples Resemble Twins

This is interesting. I’ve heard about it before but never really paid much attention to it. I do recall that I once knew a gay couple who dressed alike all the time, and while that was fine for them Tony and I decided a long time ago we would never dress like twins. And we’re together more than 25 years now. So it’s cute to look like twins and wear the same clothes, but it’s not for everyone.

Now, the whole “boyfriend twin” phenomenon has been going on for a while. Two guys start dating, and over the course of the relationship, they slowly being to morph into mirror images of each other.

From my own personal experience, knowing many gay couples in long term relationships all my adult life, I’ve never known that many who looked like twins. 

You can read the rest, here.  Aside from the fact that there’s less gender politics, one of the similarities between straight marriage and gay marriage that I’ve always seen (and experienced first hand) is that each partner in the marriage works to maintain their own identity and individuality

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Was Tormented In School With the Gay F Word

I think everyone knows what the gay F word is…it rhymes with bag. I despise that word so much I won’t even write it. Obviously, in this case the gay F word is one of the most offensive things you can call a gay man. 

But it is a bit ironic that the word ‘Queer’ was once considered just as offensive. And that’s the title of their TV show. In fact, that word is still used today as a pejorative and many gay men find it just as offensive as the gay F word. This is one reason why I’ve never identified as ‘Queer.’ I identify as a gay man. I don’t care if other people identify as ‘Queer.’ That’s their business. I choose not to do that, mainly for the reasons that Jonathan is talking about below with regard to the gay F word. 

‘I couldn’t walk in these halls, not 10 steps without someone – and brace yourselves – I got called the F word every 10 steps I took,’ he said. ‘At that time, a gay-straight alliance, I didn’t think, would ever be literally allowed.’

You can read the rest here. The story goes into a lot more detail about his personal experience. 

 The Rescuer

Sleepless In San Francisco

Kendle's Fire by [Field, Ryan]

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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