Scarlett Johansson Clarifies Her Comments; Black Gay Pride; Birds of Prey Features Same Sex Couple;

Scarlett Johansson Clarifies Her Comments

Over the weekend Scarlett Johansson made a few comments during an interview about actors playing any parts they want, and about how PC everything is now. I read it and I thought it was annoying, and I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Many other people let her know how they felt.

So she’s now clarifying her comments.

One year after Scarlett Johansson made the decision to exit the film Rub & Tugafter she received an outpouring of backlash for being cast as a transgender man, the actress made headlines for a new interview in which spoke out about politically correct casting, saying she should “be allowed to play any person.”

I believe this discussion will continue, and I think it’s mainly because those coming from places of privilege simply do not understand the fact that while an actor can play any role that doesn’t mean it’s always ethical or moral to play that role. In other words, Johansson might be able to play Rosa Parks in the Rosa Parks biopic, but that wouldn’t make it right. So no, she doesn’t get the right to play any part just because it’s acting. This goes deeper than acting. 

Here’s the link.  

Black Gay Pride

This is a piece written by a gay black man. I honestly can’t comment because I would never tell someone else how to feel. I know how horrible it feels when straight people tell me what it’s like to be gay, I get that all the time, and I’ll never do that to anyone else.

Black Gay Pride serves as a reality check that I might never be just a gay man or just a black man. For now and for the foreseeable future, I’ll always be a “gay black man.” I’ll have to wear at least one “X” everywhere, whether I am in an exclusively black crowd or an exclusively gay one, signifying that I don’t completely belong to either.

It’s very well executed and I think it’s worth the read. There are many other opinions in the comments, too. Here’s the link. 

Birds of Prey Features Same Sex Couple

I don’t know anything about this, but it sounds interesting. 

Upcoming DCEU movie Birds Of Prey might be the superhero film with the broadest LGBTI representation yet.

There’s a lot more detail, but it’s not my genre. Here’s a link to read more. 

The Rescuer

Sleepless In San Francisco

Kendle's Fire by [Field, Ryan]

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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