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Gay Dating App Success Stories

Like it or not, dating apps are now a way of life for most people and they’re going to continue. And here are a few positive stories from guys who found love through a dating app.

“Took a while but I met my current [boyfriend] on Grindr,” one commenter wrote. “We have been together nearly 6 years now. When we met, I was explicit I was taking time away from dating and hookups but was happy for friends. We were official 2 months later.”

I think it’s wonderful that people can now meet this way. I see people talk about the difference between real life and Internet life all the time, but I believe that for many of us the Internet IS real life, too. The people you’re interacting with on a daily basis online are just as important, and sometimes just as close to you, as those you see in person regularly.

Here’s the link. 

The Little Mermaid Was the Authors Letter To His Gay Crush

I didn’t know about this until just now. I’m not a huge Disney fan either. But I’m sure this information will send homophobes totally out of control.

But something that’s lesser-known about the fairy tale is that Anderson wrote it after his failed attempt to woo Edvard Collin, a straight man. Many biographers and historians claim that Anderson was bisexual, expressing attraction for both men and women. 

Here’s more. Of course the article gets into the racist comments recently made about Halle Barry being cast as Ariel in the reboot. 

I think Barry will be a wonderful Ariel. And, it’s high time someone stopped white washing everything Disney. 

The Rescuer

Sleepless In San Francisco

Kendle's Fire by [Field, Ryan]

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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