Jake Gyllenhaal Reflects On Playing Gay Face In ‘Brokeback Mountain’; Leslie Jordan: My Trip Down the Pink Carpet; The Regulars Of Stonewall Inn; Ryan Field Books

Jake Gyllenhaal Reflects On Playing Gay Face In ‘Brokeback Mountain’

Back when straight actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, played gay face in the film, Brokeback Mountain, there were very few openly gay actors around that could play gay roles. It was a completely different world for LGBTQ people. For one thing legal same sex marriage wasn’t even part of the discussion for most people. Even the story, Brokeback Mountain, was written by a straight woman from a straight POV. Very few openly gay authors ever got big book deals that way. It’s not because there weren’t any openly gay authors. They just didn’t get chances at big books, with gay content. And up until recently there wasn’t even a discussion about this. It was simply assumed that a straight actor would play gay. If you were an openly gay actor, you were pushed aside to make room for the heteronormative actors with mainstream box office draw. And that’s still happening today and that’s why there’s now a discussion about it. I think younger gay people are starting to say, “Hey, what about me? I’m here.”

With that said, here’s a piece where Jake Gyllenhaal reflects on what it was like to play gay face.

“I think we had been cast for our ‘essences’ without really understanding what our ‘essences’ were – and that’s outside of our sexuality – we’re two straight guys cast in these roles, but who we are, who we were, Ang could see,” he recalls.

Personally, it’s never been my favorite movie or story and I found a few fundamental flaws with regard to authenticity. There were certain things that happened that simply would never have happened in real life with two ‘gay’ men during that time period.

Here’s the rest. Check out the comments below the article. There are varying opinions, and the discussion continues.

Leslie Jordan: My Trip Down the Pink Carpet

Now, for those of you who question authentic gay content, or who don’t even know what it is, there’s a show streaming on Amazon titled, My Trip Down the Pink Carpet, starring Leslie Jordan. He happens to be one of the few openly gay performers who’s managed to carve out a good career, and it couldn’t have been easy.

With his signature southern drawl and self-deprecating humor, Leslie recounts the trials of being a gay, southern man with aspirations of entering show business.

I watched My Trip Down the Pink Carpet last night and I couldn’t stop laughing. This isn’t the only brand of gay content there is, but it certainly is authentic. And if you’re gay, even if you’re butch gay, you’ll understand every single line he speaks in a way that straight people never will.

Here’s the link to IMDb. As I said, I watched it on Amazon Prime Streaming. It’s very simple to find.

The Regulars of Stonewall Inn

If you’re curious about what the Stonewall Inn is like today, this is an interesting story. I think a lot of people think of the Stonewall as something historic, but this shows what’s still going on there now.

Erica Snyder, 21, is a visual storyteller who spent March photographing patrons at Stonewall Inn to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the riots that helped trigger the equality movement. Here Erica narrates her photos for Queerty.

Here’s more. The photos are really good, and totally SFW. 

A Starr is Born by [Field, Ryan]


The Rescuer

Sleepless In San Francisco

Kendle's Fire by [Field, Ryan]

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]

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